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2018 pantonel popular color-1

- Dec 25, 2017 -

What are the popular colors of 2018pantonel? Pantone popular color has great influence on graphic design, interior design and even the whole fashion industry. And color is also an indispensable element in fashion women's clothing. So what's the fashionable color that pantonel will affect women's clothing in 2018? Let's look below.

Research institutions Pantone color color authority (Pantone Color Institute) also released 2018 New York fashion fashion color report. There are 12 first colors and 4 classic colors of the season.


Not much to say,let's see and put up!


PANTONE 13-0646


The brightness of the meadow skylark is high, and the saturation is moderate, and it is also the color of maturing in the color. The lemon yellow ice cream in 17 spring and summer is not so bright, so the expression tends to be gentle and cool the warmest mood.



Cherry Tomato

PANTONE 17-1563


Wayward cherry tomato is orange red wild, like tomatoes and cherry color, brightness and purity are high, bright bright, vibrant, people can not be ignored.


Little Boy Blue

PANTONE 16-4132


Different from last year's quiet blue, blue haze, this year the popular small boy blue more clean and pure, like to put on a clear blue sky look worn, comfortable and broad, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind.


Chili Oil

PANTONE 18-1440


Red chili oil is red brown as the bottom of the earth, don't listen to the name is very strange, but the color is full of feminine, like this autumn and winter fashion color Potter vintage wine red, charming noble, has a Cougar charm but not old.


Pink Lavender 

PANTONE 14-3207


Light lavender powder purple with lavender flowers. Lavender is low in saturation, less expensive, and more a girl's romance and dream. Visual sense of smell, light fragrance spread to the dream of young girls, there is a soothing quiet charm.


Blooming Dahlia 

PANTONE 15-1520


This color, named for Dali chrysanthemum, is one of the naked colors, shallow, with subtle and teasing smell, low and elegant.


Ultra Violet 

PANTONE 18-3838


Purple has always been the love of many women, and the popularity of the last few years has been predicted to be inseparable from the purple. And the ultraviolet light color of the extreme light color, complicated, more mysterious, so that women can not resist. There is no doubt that in the spring and summer of 2018, it will go fast.



PANTONE 16-5533


The world's peach green is a relatively cool, clean green, with a light blue bottom tone, an ancient and very modern taste.59c8ea67b7941_600_0.jpg


PANTONE 18-1028


This thick chocolate brown with a sense of maturity, for the 2018 spring and summer color added a strong sense of feminine and strength. No matter is the coat or skirt outfit, as the workplace can never go wrong.


Rosetta Getty Spring 2018

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