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2018 the twentieth China (Qingdao) international fabric, accessories and yarn Exhibition

- May 12, 2018 -

[exhibition time] 2018-06-28 to 2018-06-30

[exhibition city] China - Shandong - Qingdao

Qingdao International Expo Center

The Shandong Committee of the China International Trade Promotion Committee, the Shandong chamber of Commerce of the China International Chamber of Commerce, the Asian economic and Trade Development Center, and the Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

[undertaking unit]

Fabrics, accessories and yarns


Time: June 28, 2018 -6 30, venue: Qingdao International Expo Center

Host / Undertaker: Shandong Committee of China Council for the promotion of international trade

The chamber of Commerce of the Shandong chamber of Commerce of the Chinese International Chamber of Commerce

Asian economic and Trade Development Center

Qingdao Hai famous international exhibition & Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Co organizer: Qingdao textile and Garment Industry Association

Hebei Clothing Industry Association

Jiangsu clothing association

Henan Clothing Industry Association

Anhui Clothing Industry Association

Dalian Clothing Industry Association

Industry foresight

With the development of face excipient industry, more and more personalization and customization trends come into being. From printing, fabric quality, style and the latest sense of design, the order composition of fabric will be affected. According to statistics, among the many fabric products at home and abroad, "new, strange, special" fabric is the most popular, and the product structure between the peers is more and more obvious. Therefore, the real-time grasp of the latest industry dynamic and trend is the basic development foundation of the face excipients.

Smart textile, brand exhibition

CSITE2018 Shandong Textile Expo and the nineteenth China (Qingdao) international fabric, excipient and yarn exhibition, in order to integrate the development trend of the industry as the premise, invites the face auxiliary industry name enterprises to gather together, display the latest pattern, design, concept, style and so on, at the same time with the brand downstream buyers as the center of gravity, is expected to be special. The audience of the industry is 50000 people, showing a scale of 60000 square meters.

Invited brand, visit purchase

Qingdao Textile Group, Xinhua brocade, Qi Li, Yi hair, Barone, Xin Tian, double star, Fu day, Itai, true feelings, Shada, Yi Li, Lanfeng knitting, red collar, Dongsheng carpets, red textile, snow, Dayu, beam orchid, deer, BQI, Lihua, Ben Asia and other leading enterprises, large customers to visit procurement.

Industry media, cooperate with each other (rank is not divided).

China Textile Network, China Textile Network, global fashion network, global woolen sweater net, clothing business, Chinese textile newspaper, textile and clothing weekly, world clothing and footwear network, 365 textile network, China chemical fiber network, SEER auxiliary material network, Chinese clothing auxiliary material network, China Fashion Color Association, the first textile net, Chinese brand clothing network,  National brand children's clothing network, international clothing, China beauty net, Chinese women's clothing network, Chinese clothing net, Chinese knitting net, the online Textile City, China home textile network and other 400 industry media;

China news network, CCTV, Xinhua, Phoenix, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Qingdao TV, Qingdao daily and more than 40 mass media;

Part of the event

Original designer's brand order meeting -- surface accessories purchasing clothing demo technology demonstration

2018-2019 international four seasons textile fashion trend forum, European fashion trends, new releases

Brand operation and franchisee policy analysis -- Breakthrough in fashion distribution channel new trend of development of Chinese clothing in China

Brand building and development, how to create a fast reaction alliance of clothing brand operation "Qilu Garment Group"

China apparel elite alliance recruitment activities garment factories and accessories suppliers precise docking (closed)

Range of exhibits:

Functional / sportswear fabrics: functional fabrics, work protective clothing fabrics

Casual fabrics: cotton, linen, knitwear, chemical fiber

Underwear and swimsuit fabric: knitting, embroidery / lace

Fashion women's fabrics: cotton, silk, wool, knitting, chemical fiber, printing, embroidery / lace

Dress fabric: wool and wool like

Cowboy fabric

Shirt fabric

Accessories: zippers, buttons, lines, belts, lace, signs, shoulder pads, cups, clothes hangers, etc.

Home textile fabrics: decorative fabric, curtain fabric, sofa fabric, bedding fabric and so on;

Yarn: fiber, knitting yarn, woven yarn, wool yarn, fancy yarn, etc.

Others: textile design, testing, media, publications

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