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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lace Fabric

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Advantages and disadvantages of lace fabrics: lace is a typical imported product, belonging to the mesh organization, first hand-knitted by crochet. Lace fabric is light and thin, and has an elegant and mysterious artistic effect. It is widely used in women's close-fitting clothing. The lace fabric is divided into elastic lace and non-elastic lace fabrics.

The use of lace fabrics mainly includes the following categories:

1. Spring clothing; With nylon, cotton, polyester, with spandex and so on

2. Summer wear; Thin fabric with nylon main

3. Winter clothing; Mainly used on accessories

4. Underwear; Based on brocade ammonia high elastic fabrics,

5. Essential materials for erotic underwear

The lace fabric has been favored by many women in today's society, and its arrival has brought the development of China's garment industry by leaps and bounds. Since then, the designer has used the lace fabric extensively in every corner of our life. People like to wear lace clothes but many women don't know what the fabric features of lace are, and then we will introduce the characteristics of lace fabric.

The lace fabric is divided into the elastic lace fabric and the non-elastic lace fabric, also known as the lace fabric. The composition of the elastic lace fabric is 10% nylon 90%. The composition of the non-elastic lace fabric is 100% nylon or cotton. Lace fabric is light and thin and transparent, has elegant and mysterious art effect, is widely used in women's intimate clothing.

Features of lace fabrics

Lacy fabrics are usually embroidered fabrics, also called embroidery fabrics; The lace fabric usually are used as supplementary material in the clothing, because it has a finely crafted sense of luxury and reflect the characteristics of romantic breath, now as the frequency of the main ingredient is gradually rising. Commonly used in small tailings or straight body style, cover other fabrics above, can reflect female's exquisite figure. If the lace fabric is used as a supplementary material, it can be used in any style.

Use of lace fabric

The use of lace fabrics is very wide, can cover the whole textile industry, all the textile envy can add some beautiful bud silk element. Lace is thin! Even multi-layer design won't feel very thick, thin reason can also give a person a kind of cool feeling, and this kind of design has a preference to sweet feeling! Lace fabric is light and thin and transparent, has elegant and mysterious art effect, is widely used in women's intimate clothing.

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