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African Traditional Costumes

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Africans are dressed in a variety of ways,it is difficult to use a uniform standard to measure.             African Dress

African men are basically wearing trousers, only some teenagers wear shorts. According to their dress can be divided into three categories, one is often working people, is to wear pants and T-shirts or other, the other is wearing trousers and shirts, they leisurely walk in the streets. There is also a real suit of people, no matter how hot the weather was, they are white shirt, tie, shoes and shining, and sometimes will be accompanied by a small square box.

African Men's Casual Clothes

African women's clothing is much more complex. African women do not wear pants, usually wearing only African-style dress. This dress generally bare shoulders, the use of colorful, eye-catching pattern of fabric, it is both generous and elegant, but also attractive. Middle-aged women are mostly white and black. Headtie and long skirts are often made from the same fabric. They often have a piece of cloth around their waist. This piece of cloth can have many uses on different occasions. Many families in Africa have three or five children. Women go out and use cloth to carry children back to their waists. Go out with what you need to bring the cloth on the top of the head, you can also put the head on the cloth used to buffer the heavy head pressure.

   African Women And Child

Headwear is an important part of African women's clothing. "Head Engineering" is a key project for African women. The lack of beautiful headdress, it does not show the beauty of costumes. African natural hair curly, soft, flexible, close to the scalp, comb not straight, can’t make it sagging. Modification of the curls, had to close the scalp from front to back, or from top to bottom into a small braid, braided with green thread or gold thread tie tightly in the head or back of the head knot; or the head into a number of districts, each A plait, or erect, or drooping, or bending. Grooming curly hair is time-consuming, difficult to comb the general comb, ebony long tooth comb has become the best combing tools. Even so, but also by sister help, spend half a day. Generally half a month, a month or longer combing time. Hand knitting hairstyle pretty, lively and energetic. Combed hair are firm for the hardworking and simple African women walking overhead weight, speeding, is a stunt. African women attach importance to headdress, professional barber popular, business booming, and good at weaving headdress, respected by the sisters.

The hot weather they bring hats are varied, in addition to ordinary sun hat, but also with the preparation of the cowboy hat plant, surrounded by a soft hat Yan cloth hat, more thick cotton felt hat, and even the human head Wear a black cotton hat, wearing a hat not only to shade, but also can play a role in insulation.African costumes have always been quite distinctive. Most of these costumes are gorgeous color design, pattern color contrast, the general sense of the design is relatively strong, symmetrical habits.African traditional costumes to join the trend of fashion elements, forming a unique African style.

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