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Marketing highlights of polyester and viscose wool like autumn fabrics are highlighted

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Marketing highlights of polyester and viscose wool like autumn fabrics are highlighted

In the near future, the Chinese textile city's professional markets for steamed and pressed wool like suit fabrics are still favored by Chinese and foreign counterparts, and the marketing of varieties is smooth and a small growth trend in the concussion. With T/R65/35 yarn as the main raw material for casual imitation wool, regular wool like autumn fabric, spot transaction and order send local smooth, part of the former shop type of cloth industry and large-scale marketing, domestic and foreign orders to undertake and send more active.

In the near future, the marketing of wool imitation fabric with T/R polyester viscose blended yarn as main raw material is active, and sales volume has increased slightly compared with the previous stage. In the first floor of the Dongsheng Road market of the light textile city and the part of the large-scale operation market on the first floor of the United market, the main raw materials of T/R65/35 yarn 30S, 32S and 40S are steamed single serge, double serge, satin serge, toothpick serge, color serge, striped serge, edge serge, silk brocade, board, and four in one T/R 65/35 yarn flatbed wool imitation, T/R65/35 yarn, T/R70/30 yarn, T/R80/20 yarn, T/R90/10 yarn 30S - 40S as the main raw materials, the main raw materials are double color casual stripes, seven colored strips, seven color mesh imitation wool, hidden stripes imitation wool, color imitation wool, human silk imitation wool, four in one fallow slub imitation wool, leisure color stripes imitation wool and T/R6 5/35 yarn and 100DFDY big light trigonometric special-shaped silk fabric with light hidden strips and other fabrics are favored by customers and apparel manufacturers in the two level market.

In the past few days, with T/R65/35 yarn 32S, T/R65/35 yarn 40S single or double strands in different proportions of woven and steamed light like wool like suit fabric, the fall fabric has a small increase in local transaction. It is suitable to be a medium yarn of T/R65/35 yarn of casual jacket, suit and trousers, or 30S 60S single share and double share of different weave lines. The total volume of wool like fabrics increased slightly compared with the previous stage. 250D (POY+FDY) composite silk * T/R65/35 yarn 45S double strand wool like wool and 300D (FDY+POY) composite silk x T/R65/35 yarn 40S, 250D (POY+FDY) composite yarn and T/R65/35 yarn. Color imitation wool, seven color imitation wool, colored cotton linen wool, seven color plate, color imitation wool, faug imitation wool, thousand bird lattice imitation wool, toothpick imitation wool, silk imitation wool, polyester wool, etc. Marketing advantages are highlighted.

In the recent market, the regular autumn wool like turnover is active, with T/R65/35 yarn 32S, T/R65/35 yarn 40S single or double share in different proportions of the steam brocade, single serge, double serge, toothpick serge, and satin Serge in autumn. The Department is smooth; the majority of the large scale business households in the market are T/R wool, each of which is sold by a large number of large households, and the physical cloth company, which sells themselves and sells themselves, carries on the sale and orders to undertake each movable sale, such as the T/R65/35 32S 40S single or double stock with different weave lines, the steamed and compressed single Serge and the steamed double Serge. There are many kinds of small batch business for the large households in local scale, and there are many kinds of orders to carry on.


In the past few days, Guangzhou Zhongda market, Jiangsu Changzhou Hutang Textile City, Liaoning Haicheng West willow market, Fujian stone lion, Hebei Shijiazhuang, Zhejiang Ruian and Guangdong Shenzhen, yarn, streaming yarn, vinegar, Chen store and other old customers have increased.

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