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Basic terminology of lace fabrics

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Anything has a variety of names, different name, lace fabrics in the market there are many kinds of terminology, such as: lace fabrics, knitted fabrics, jacquard fabrics, warp-knitted fabrics, and so on, we will briefly introduce, popularize the terminology, to do understand.

1, warp, warp density-fabric length direction, the yarn is called the Warp, its 1-inch yarn arrangement of the root number of the warp (warp density), knitting, jacquard fabric density also so.

2. Weft, weft, weft density-the width of the fabric direction; The yarn is called the weft, its 1-inch yarn arranged in the root number of weft dense (weft density), weft density, also common in the expression of lace fabric.

3. Density-Represents the number of yarns in the unit length of woven fabrics.

4. Gram weight-the gram weight of the fabric is usually square meter of the grams of fabric weights.

5. Width-the effective width of the fabric, the width of the general mark behind the density, such as: the density of the material mentioned in the introduction.

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