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China Light Textile City: polyester fabric sales remain active in summer

- Jun 08, 2018 -

China Light Textile City: polyester fabric sales remain active in summer

Recently, there has been an increase in order trading in the traditional trading area of China Textile City. In the past few days, polyester fabric printing and dyeing variety interaction, summer fabric transaction is still active, the transaction product spray fabric and knitted fabric interaction, the summer women's clothing printing fabric with the style of continuous renovation to win, other such as cut flowers, cut flower printing, rotten flowers, embroidery fabrics and many varieties of various varieties have small batch.


The summer polyester thin shotcreting printing cloth is quite smooth, untwisted printing snow textile cloth, single line print snow linen, single line printing Chiffon crepe, double dozen line printing chiffon, untwisted weft printing snow spun cloth, singles line weft printing snow spun, double dozen line weft printing snow spun, printing double beating hemp, and simulation screen printing floral coloring. In the summer, the spot market continues to increase, the stock market continues to increase, the transaction volume is still larger, some large-scale operation market or the printing and other processing enterprises, the former shop type of physical cloth company the latest research and development of new type of flower fabric, daily spot transactions and orders are still active. There is still a small discount on the large volume of customer spot transactions, some of the stock spot still has a small margin delivery, but the innovation and creative color flower type fabric prices still have been boosted. The style of the printing flower is becoming more and more refurbished by the light yellow bottom circle color point, the dot chrysanthemum, the light colored flower, the green green bamboo leaf flower, the BOLN geometric pattern in the light yellow bottom, the deep bottom flower, the deep bottom geometric pattern and the bottom water ripple. Sexual shopping is more active, especially for young women and middle-aged and old women, who are deeply impressed by their customers.

The demand for summer polyester polyester silk fabrics in China's textile city is increasing, and the number of Chinese and foreign counterparts is still increasing. The sale of polyester polyester silk fabrics in summer is running smoothly, and sales enthusiasm remains. Both innovative and innovative fabrics have been favored by buyers and sellers of the north and South merchants and apparel manufacturers in the two tier market, and local marketing is relatively smooth.

In recent days, all kinds of polyester filament FDY filament, glossy filament and semi glossy filament have been used as raw materials, and the overall market turnover of thin fabrics has been smooth in summer. There are many kinds of silk fabrics in summer, polyester and silk fabrics. Polyester FDY filament chiffon with the Volkswagen non twisting dyed Chiffon local sales for a continuous increase in local sales, emphasis on the vertical twist dyed dyed yarn dyed chiffon, printing Chiffon linen has been popular with the customers.

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