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Computer embroidery is an important part of traditional art embroidery

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Computer embroidery is an important part of traditional art embroidery

With the development of the times, it is widely used in clothing and daily necessities. The modern pursuit of simple clothes, is monotonous, the computer embroidery craft embroidered on the fabric exquisite beyond compare, just make up for this deficiency, to tastes. The development of the times, the updating of the knowledge structure and the change of the aesthetic concept will inevitably enhance the new demand for clothing.

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The development of computerized embroidery clothing needs both popularity and individualization. It is the goal of modern fashion designers to create the clothing art works that conform to the development of the times. In our country the clothing culture broad and profound in the ocean, computer embroidery is one of dazzling waves, as a kind of art processing means of costume design, over the years has been adopted, and today's designers flexible application in modern fashion design, in addition to the reflection of computer embroidery itself.

The application of computerized embroidery in clothing design has been more and more extensive. Therefore, the research and exploration of computer embroidery has become necessary. Only by developing and innovating computer embroidery technology can we promote the deep development of garment design and expand the space of clothing design. The embroidery pattern of computer reflects people's way of life and thoughts and emotions, in terms of layout, fabric, content, style, technique and color matching.


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