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Difference between Iceland hair and horse hairy

- Jun 27, 2018 -

Difference between Iceland hair and horse hairy

What is the wool in Iceland? The difference between Iceland hair and mohair is that Iceland Mao Yuan is the wool of Iceland sheep. The history of Iceland sheep, like the history of the Iceland horse, has been more than one thousand years old. It was the descendant of the Nordic pirates from Scandinavian and Irish sheep, and basically did not cross with other sheep. It was a kind of pure sheep. In more than one thousand years of unique environment, Iceland sheep has formed a unique ability to resist cold and disease. The obvious difference between Iceland sheep and other sheep is that the sheep of Iceland are covered with thick wool all year long, and the outside is a thick layer of ordinary hair, which is more than ten centimeters long, and inside it is the fluff of soft velvet. However, because Iceland wool is expensive and not tough, it is gradually eliminated from the market and gradually replaced by acrylic Iceland wool. At present, the Iceland Mao which we speak of in the market is mostly acrylic fiber Iceland hair. Acrylic Iceland wool is moderately priced and more tough, and its texture is also light. It is accepted by the vast number of manufacturers.


Iceland hair and horse hairy difference:

1, Ma Haimao and Iceland Mao are suitable for weaving scarves, because real Ma Haimao and Iceland Mao yield less and the price is more expensive. Now the vast majority of the market Ma Haimao and Iceland hair are acrylic yarn imitation, so everyone is used to the acrylic yarn called Ma Haimao, Ma Haimao won't tie people, it has the characteristics of wool, about 30 of the Ma Haimao scarf on Taobao is made of acrylic.

2, Iceland's gross ingredients are all sunny, but it doesn't seem to have any sense of hair and has a cool feeling from appearance. The appearance of Ma Haimao is similar to that of sheep hair. The length of Ma Haimao is 120 to 150mm, and the diameter is 10~90 mu m (also, the fineness is about 25 microns, and the length is about 100-200 mm). The scales are broad and close to the stem and seldom overlap, so the fibers are smooth, with natural luster and silky luster. They are not easy to shrink and difficult to contract. High strength, good resilience and abrasion resistance, dust removal and antifouling. It is not easy to pilling, easy to clean and wash. The cortical layer of Ma Haimao is almost made up of positive cortical cells, so the fibers are rarely curved and are more sensitive to some chemicals than normal wool and have better dyeing properties.

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