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The difference between machine embroidery and hand embroidery

- May 02, 2018 -

The difference between the machine embroidery and the hand embroider, the handmade embroidery has the unique style, the exquisite design, the meticulous work of embroidery, the lively needlework and the elegant color, and the strong local characteristics. Embroidery technology has the characteristics of "flat, neat, harmonious, light, smooth and uniform".

Machine embroidery is a kind of embroidery that is operated by sewing machine or embroidery machine instead of handwork.

So far, it has been nearly fifty years old. After the liberation, the machine embroidery technology developed rapidly. Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Guangdong, Heilongjiang and Shanghai all developed the machine embroidery industry. Varieties include tablecloths, pillowcases, bedspreads, cushions and sheets. In 60s, they successfully transplanted Chinese paintings and landscapes, and tried to make machine embroidered double embroidered embroidery. The artistic effect was almost as well as hand embroidered double embroidered embroidery, which opened a new way for machine embroidery. In the field of skill, in addition to the original embroidery, wrapping embroidery, dug embroidery, imitation hand embroidery, bag stitch embroidery, long needle embroidery and embroidered embroidery, it also created new needlework, such as big hand stitch embroidery, bag thread embroidery, broken needle ironing, fish needle embroidery and so on.

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The difference between machine embroidery and hand embroidery

First, hand embroidery handwork: Hand Embroidered hand:

The line for machine embroidery is made of chemical fiber material and is smooth. When the machine is embroidered, it is very tight. It can not be produced by the natural silk thread through the machine, so the handle is hard. The two is the reason for making the craft. It can not be broken, and the back is full of wires. So the quality of the embroidery piece is very heavy, and it feels heavy in the hand. In general, the weight difference of manual embroidery and embroidered pieces is more than 3 times.

The handmade embroidery thread material is made of natural silk, which is commonly called "flower line" with natural luster, plus the special production process, even if it is full embroidered, the whole embroidered piece is lighter and soft after being embroidered, and a small hair is looked at the light.

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Second. Handmade embroidery by hand embroidery

Hand embroidery: thread is made from natural silk and can be split. A hand embroidered painting, because of the technological reasons, the process of embroidery in the process of embroidery needs to use different lines to embroider, so a little careful look, you can see.

Machine embroidery: embroidery screen line can not be broken due to technological reasons, so the whole picture is also thick and thin, resulting in a more rigid effect.

Third, hand embroidered hand embroidery

The color matching of machine embroidery is not uniform by hand, and the transition in some places is not manual and flexible.

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