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How to choose lace fabric?

- Apr 06, 2018 -

In this world, no matter what good or bad, lace fabric products are no exception, cheap lace, there exist on the market, is often shoddy, if the Green is lace fabric, lace fabric is likely to buy inferior products, specializing in the production of sanfang textile lace fabric lace teaches you how to identify quality problems.

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Inferior of lace features: lace fabric color poor, color Pan yellow, lace lace lines not clear, flower rigid see not clear is what pattern, also has lace lace of corner will has threads raised, even some as long as took finger gently a scraping, certainly Qian tips hand Shang long has barbed, on can put some silk hook up, that cloth of clothes almost are without see, quality on more alone has.

Good lace features: good lace fabric products, at a glance, will have a very good sense of color, uniform color and plump, feel very smooth to the touch, does not have a sense of time, there is lace lace around the density would be uniform, lace pattern will have a crisp texture and flowers come to life.

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