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How to distinguish between the true and false of the wool and the silk cotton

- Jun 29, 2018 -

How to distinguish the true from the false and the twill fabric?

Distinguish between true and false methods:

1. grit is a post-processing way of the fabric, that is, after the surface of the fabric to do grit treatment, the fabric will have a layer of fine velvet, wear will be comfortable, and the feel is very soft. Silk cotton, also cotton, is used for processing cotton yarn, and the mercerizing effect appears. The fabric is glossy, good in hand and high in wear. Silk cotton is about 1 times more expensive than ordinary cotton and belongs to high-grade fabrics.

2. days silk cotton is Satin Jacquard fabric texture soft and delicate, the biggest advantage of jacquard fabric lies in pure color nature, simple fashion; smooth and smooth surface, look like silk, more comfortable, the most soft hand, more thick than plain and twill fabrics, elegant and noble color.

3. rayon and satin interlaced with rayon and cotton yarn, the silk surface is glossy, hard and slippery, and suitable for making casual clothes.  Pure cotton can be static, beneficial to human health, Tencel cotton looks noble.


The difference between the wool and the twill fabric:

The wool fabric has the characteristics of thick, soft and warm, which can improve the wearability of the fabric. Textured suede or high shrinkage polyester knitted fabric or machine (shuttle) fabric can be made into suede fabric after it is ground.

The twill fabric has a positive and negative side, less interweaving point in a complete tissue cycle, longer floating line, soft hand feel, high density of tissue fabric, more thick products and stronger sense of organization. There were 30 branches, 40 branches and 60 branches.

The sheets are quilt, and the velvet is thick and the handle is better. No grind twill, the feeling fullness slightly worse, but also not necessarily poor, the price is in a large extent on the thickness, but also in the color fastness (active dyeing printing good), the general plain is thinner, the twill has been thicker, no matter mill velvet, but even though thick, plump,but It is easy to stick dust and dust. Compared with pure twill, it is not slippery.

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