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How to improve the color fastness of embroidered fabric

- Feb 22, 2018 -

How to improve the color fastness of embroidered fabric

How to improve the color fastness of the embroidered fabric? In addition to paying attention to the appearance of embroidery fabric, embroidery fabric should pay more attention to the inner quality of the fabric. Different customers have different requirements for embroidery, after all, the same style in the market has a lot of different prices and quality. Each customer's point of interest is different. No matter how much the cost of this embroidery is, the problem of printing color fastness can't be ambiguous. As the garment accessories, the color fastness of embroidery fabrics is related to human health. Therefore, whether it is embroidery factory or embroidery fabric wholesale customers, they must learn to earn money and respect life safety, which is an experience prerequisite for embroidery fabrics. As for the color fastness of the embroidered fabric, we must strengthen the measures as the manufacturer and do a good job of reminding and promoting the customer.


It is very important to improve the color fastness of embroidery fabrics and the selection of reasonable dyes. All dyestuffs fastness of dyestuffs on fabrics must be tested through experiments, and dyes can be selected positively according to the different needs of dyed products and fastness to dyeing. If the use of water soluble dyes, to use the method to change the dye fixing agent and water-soluble high degree of staining.

Correctly grasp the dyeing process, ensure that according to the process, ensure the good diffusion and fixation of dyestuffs, wash and soaping adequately after dyeing, reduce the floating color, so as to ensure the improvement of dyeing fastness. In the hot dye disperse dyeing process of high temperature should be strictly controlled temperature. In order to improve the color fastness, the embroidery fabric should be treated after high temperature after dyeing, which is required and easily discolourable by high temperature.

To the condition of dyeing fastness test to correctly grasp, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the test of dyeing fastness, fastness to ensure positive solutions of the test data, to avoid the wrong judgement. Careful selection of auxiliaries, the use of auxiliaries can not affect the fastness.


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