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How to repair the silk fabric

- May 17, 2018 -

How does the silk fabric have broken? The skirt of the net is broken and the way to repair it is as follows:

1. Mending. When the skirt of the gauze breaks a hole, and it can not be cut off, it can take the darning scheme. Looking for a piece of skin, no matter whether its color or fabric is the same as the present, you can cut a piece of skin and sew it from inside to the hole, so that a dress that is absolutely personality is born. Wearing this dress, I believe that the return rate is low.

2, embroider. The skirt of the gauze has broken a hole, and no suitable old clothes can be reformed, but also can be embroidered. A simple operation is to find a beautiful embroidered cloth in the market, the size and the hole corresponding, and then find it to fill the hole, the success. If you are more complicated, you can find someone to embroidery directly at the entrance of the cave, so the cost will be greater.


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