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How to wash the printed fabric

- Jun 13, 2018 -

How to wash the printed fabric

How to wash printed fabrics? What are the requirements for the washing of printed fabrics? Printing fabric is a water soluble reactive dye printing paste printing paper after printing, very many people like this fabric, not only cheap, but also on the material on top of the material, is the so-called cheap. The feel of the printed fabric is very soft, and the appearance is much less said, strong fastness, good texture and a variety of unique strengths, closely attracted the attention of a lot of clothing manufacturers.

The following is a small series of printing methods and requirements for printing fabrics.

[printing fabric washing] how to clean printed fabrics? What are the requirements for printing fabric washing?


Step 1: first to prepare a basin of water, the temperature of the water is controlled below 40 degrees, and then some salt in the water, and the general detergent can be, for example, the general laundry, many friends asked why to put salt? Because salt has a very important role, that is, adding proper salt can better maintain the beauty of the fabric, consolidate the color and so on.

Step two: need hand washes for about 10 minutes, pay attention to the cloth should not be brushes directly, because the strength of the brush is not good control, and if the use of washing machine washing will also damage our beloved cloth from different angles, which is immeasurable for the later loss, so it is better to use hand wash, all Uniform rubbing, if the material area is large, the small editor recommends the use of soft brush, because the soft brush can reduce the damage to the fabric from a certain extent, this is a matter of attention to the washing printing fabric.

Step three: when finishing the printing fabric, it should be placed on a dry, unscrewed, unstretchable suspension, and also to avoid the sun's direct exposure. After drying, you must not iron the printing fabric directly. It is best to use the steam gear distance of 2 centimeters to 3 centimeters.

Step four: the printing fabric is very simple to keep, as long as it is stored in the dry bag, then then use the camphor pill, put it in the cabinet together, and pay attention to the camphor pill not contact with the fabric. It is better to wrap it in a bag alone.

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