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Influence factors of wear resistance of silk fabric clothing

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Influence factors of wear resistance of silk fabric clothing

The abrasion resistance of silk fabrics is influenced by the fabric's resistance to damage under certain conditions. It is known as the abrasion resistance of fabrics. The abrasion resistance of fabrics has a great influence on fabric sewing process, fabric handle and touch.

Silk fabric has excellent function of dispersing and dampness, so it becomes the first choice for summer clothing. But silk clothing in the process of use, because the application of different situations, will be different external factors, gradually reduce the use of value, resulting in the final damage. The fabric is often clashed with objects touched around, rubbed and water, temperature, soap liquid and other objects during the washing. The clothes are illuminated by the sun when they are worn, and the underwear is effective with the sweat. Some of the clothes are also effective with chemical reagents or high temperature. There are two main kinds of testing methods for the wear resistance of silk fabrics, that is, the actual wear test and the laboratory instrument test. Among them, the oscillatory wear-resistant instrument can be used to detect its wear resistance. It is a common laboratory testing instrument.

Influence factors of wear resistance of silk fabric clothing


The influence of 1. thickness

The thickness of the fabric is related to many parameters, so drape and wear resistance are different. The larger the diameter of the fabric, the greater the thickness of the fabric, the better the wear resistance, but the more thick fabric in the thick fabric, it is not conducive to the draping of the fabric, the thicker the fabric, the worse the drapability.

The influence of 2. density

When the actual contact area between the fabric and the contact object increases, the local stress on the contact area decreases. The actual contact between the yarn segments inside the fabric and the actual abrasives is called the support point. If the area of each support point has little change and the support points in the unit area of the fabric are more, the local stress on the fabric and the abrasive contact surface must be weakened and the degree of wear is reduced. When other factors remain unchanged, the fabric density increases, the number of yarn interwoven in the unit area increases, the binding point of the fiber increases, and the fiber is not easily extracted from the wear process, and the softer of the fabric is worse, the less the fabric hangs and the fabric has a poor draping performance.

The impact of the weight of 3. square meters

The number of square meters is increased, and the number of yarn and fiber root in the unit area is also increased, making the fabric interweaving points increase, so the yarn and fiber are not easily pulled out during the wear process, and the wear resistance is enhanced. On the contrary, it is not conducive to the natural sag of the fabric.

The effect of 4. fineness

The diameter of coarse yarns contains more fibers. When worn, there must be a number of fibers broken, and the yarn can disintegrate, which is conducive to the flat grinding of the fabric. The number of fibers in the yarns is large, and the number of fiber holding roots increases, which is not conducive to the natural drooping of fabrics.

The abrasion of silk fabrics is usually carried out gradually from the outer layer of the yarn of the outer surface of the yarn to the peak of the winding or the convex section of the coil. When some fibers of the yarn are worn and broken, the ends of the fibers are erected to make the fabric surface fuzz. As the wear continues, some of the fibers fall from the surface of the fabric, some of the fibers are drawn out from the yarn and part of the fabric thinning, so the fabric becomes thinner, the mass is reduced, the tissue is damaged, and the hole is broken. Finally, because of the drop in strength, the fabric suffered serious damage when it was subjected to a larger external force, resulting in the continuous loss of value.

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