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Introduction to embroidery lace

- Jun 07, 2018 -


Embroidery lace. It is in a very long period of history by the world countries gradually crafts, embroidery lace can be divided into two categories, and hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge, is in the hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge lace varieties developed on the basis of the production.

Historical development

Chinese embroidery has a long history. , the production efficiency is low, embroidery patterns often easy to produce uneven phenomenon, embroidery products will also be uneven. But, to decorative pattern too complex, color is more, the lace that flower returns longer is not manual mo, and the hand embroider edge is richer than machine embroider stereo feeling more. In our country, hand embroidery has a long history, in addition to the four Chinese famous embroidery embroidery, hunan embroidery, shu embroidery, yue embroidery, and Chinese embroidery, lu embroidery, embroidered, floss, qin, li embroidery, embroidery, and ethnic minorities such as embroidery excellent skill of embroidery in later chapters we will also introduce, here basically is the embroidery lace.

Scope of application

Embroidery lace will be in the form of net cloth flower, wave edge, flower, single wave flower, double wave flower now on textiles or clothing. The design of wave edge needs to be designed into the form of triangular needle, which is more beneficial to cutting edge. In the process of making, it is because of the defect of the yarn. Defective locking needle; This situation caused by the replacement of the stop - spinning machine, so more attention should be paid to the production process.

Because the product that the product that embroider lacy place reveals has distinctive stereo feeling, can apply to bridal gown more, added the wedding dress of embroider lacy, can produce the feeling that gives layer after layer surround. Embroidery lace can be changed with the designer's change without a uniform pattern. Can embroider the design that oneself like on gauze, and not be restricted by the thickness of gauze cloth, the lace that embroider comes out also is washed easily. And this kind of lace gives a kind of frivolous feeling to the person, summer dress brings a kind of cool and refreshing feeling.

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