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Introduction to Water soluble lace

- Aug 26, 2017 -

Water soluble lace is a polyester thread or viscose filament lace pattern woven on a piece of paper, after the completion of the use of higher temperature water will be dissolved, leaving only the lace body, the name of the water soluble lace, because of the water soluble lace for the above several stitches more, so the cost of water soluble lace is more expensive.

The advantage of water soluble lace is that it feels very good, soft and smooth, has a slight elasticity, has luster, has three-dimensional, modelling pattern many. The drawback of water soluble lace is that the cost is relatively high, thicker, not easy to fold, not high-temperature ironing.

Generally speaking, the work and material is better clothing on the basic use of water soluble lace, a good water soluble lace may reach dozens of or even hundreds of dollars/meters of price.

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