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Lace Fabric And Soft Blooming Femininity

- May 15, 2018 -

Lace designers of all ages received in recent years, more and more applied to clothing and household supplies. Lace trends presented in recent years compared to the massive, previously dominated by lightweight lace fabrics, more transparent or slightly transparent feeling. This is because lace technology breakthrough progress in recent years, be reshaped, and now, he is no longer the oldest kind of elaborate embroidery, but using laser cutting of cloth, openwork motifs or bonding technology, imitation lace effect and embedded the new face of technology.

                                           timg (1).jpg

Craftsmen making lace productsalso saw more and more businesses and designers, stereo in the Haute Couture embroidery lace print dress is very delicate and exquisite workmanship, using pink or nude color tones more noble and refined.

From the color, the traditional lace can be divided into two broad categories, very different forms of visual experience. Dark colors and light. Darker colors are black, Brown, blue, purple, and bright colors with white, pink, yellow, pinkish-purple, pink and blue, and so on.

On one hand, lace is an eternal romantic. Black Lace seems to contain some mysterious force, playing an extreme idea. Black is "cool" symbol, a symbol of mystical aspirations, it both in and out, both entities and is filled with emptiness. Warm and adds to the mysterious jewel. Dark tones to Lacy, if the decoration on the clothes will be in stark contrast with the skin, more prominent skin effect, added lace decoration. Dark color lace bed design, so that the whole home environment with elegant style, can also display the owner's taste is extraordinary.

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