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Maintenance skills of yarn dyed corduroy fabric

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Maintenance skills of yarn dyed corduroy fabric

Color fabric corduroy maintenance skills, it is estimated that a lot of people should have heard of color corduroy bar, because its cashmere like a strip of grass core, so it is called corduroy, and its quality is very good warm, and feel very thick, and believe that everyone should pass through the yarn dyed corduroy fabric made and The clothes, the shoes and hats, so if you want to get a closer understanding of our products, we welcome you to follow up with the little editor. I hope that some of the next little knowledge can help you in your daily life.

Maintenance skills of yarn dyed corduroy fabric

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1, color woven corduroy fabric washing, do not rub hard, and should not use hard brush to scrub hard, before washing, first put in the water for a period of time, and then use the hand soft and light rubbing, and then rinse it with warm water, when the sun does not use water hard screwing, will damage the surface of the sweater. It is not suitable for ironing. When you collect, you should maintain the fullness and standing of the fuzz.

2. Do not use boiled water to wash the dyed woolen. Use warm water to wash the dyed and undyed, and do not shine in the sun to prevent the fading after the sun.

3, when the rags are broken, they should be repaired in time to avoid big breakage, resulting in the destruction of the whole clothes and trousers.

4, the front of dyed corduroy is not afraid of brushing, but the negative words should not be worn or brushed. It will cause breakage of the root of the pile and cause develvet.

5. When the surface of dyed corduroy has adhesive, wash the dyed corduroy with clean water.

To sum up, we should also know that the yarn dyed corduroy fabric with hand soft and light rubbing, can not be twisted in the time of drying, not ironing, dyed and non dyeing separately to wash, do not shine.

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