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Production process of composite fabric

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Production process of composite fabric

Composite fabric production process, composite fabric is a layer or multilayer textile materials, non - woven materials and other functional materials bonded to a new type of material. The composite fabric is characterized by fine body repair, full appearance, and has a certain function of wind proof, waterproof, moisture permeable and so on, and has better heating and air permeability. The fabric is widely used in automotive interior decoration, outdoor sports apparel, extreme rock climbing, medical protection and other fields.

Composite fabric is also divided into ordinary composite fabric (the fabric and material are bonded by adhesive, thus improving the texture of the fabric, suitable for the process of garment processing and scale production) and functional composite fabrics (the composite fabric has special functions such as waterproof and moisture permeability, radiation resistance, washing resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.). 6 international popular composite processes, namely, hot sol powder point coating composite process, hot soluble glue point composite process and hot sol powder composite process, hot sol double point composite technology, polyamine spray composite process, polyamine roll coating composite process, are a new type of fabric developed by the market. In other words, two kinds of fabrics are combined together.  In the past, the more common combination was suede fabric and wool compound. Now it can be combined with any fabric. Personally, I think the composite fabric will shine brilliantly in the future market.


The core components of the composite equipment are gluing equipment and composite device.

1 the gluing device is an engraving roll and a glued silicone roller. There are two general shapes of engraving rollers: Diamond dots and circular dots. The diamond point is actually a square point, the arrangement of points, the distance between points and points are the same, and the water pressure resistance is relatively good. There are two kinds of circular points: regular arrangement and irregular arrangement. Irregular arrangement is used more. The point of irregular arrangement is called computer point, or CP, which is the irregular arrangement of points in a unit area. Because the distance between points is not consistent, the water pressure resistance is relatively weak. In actual production, we need to determine the shape of the dots according to the characteristics of fabrics and the requirements of customers.

2 the composite device on the hot-melt machine consists of a steel roller and a rubber roller. The compound device on the oil glue machine consists of a heating wheel and three rubber pressing rollers.

When the 3 film (face cloth) passes through the gluing device, the glue is squeezed through the top roller, and the glue in the engraving roll glue is forced to transfer to the film (cloth), and then the bonding fastness is obtained through the compacting of the composite device.

Oil glue compound

1 oil glue is mixed with a certain proportion of additives, usually contains DMF, MEK, TOL and other solvents, but after the oven volatilization and compound big wheel hot pressing, the solvent content will be greatly reduced.

2 to achieve the best washing and stripping effect, the condition of the oil gel is 60 7day, so that the solvent components in the oil glue can be evaporated maximally.

Hot-melt composite

1 hot melt adhesive is a single component reactive melt adhesive with a solid content of 100%. It contains no chemical solvents and is an environment-friendly composite adhesive.

2 the hot-melt adhesive has a ripening condition of 30 degrees C, room temperature, humidity of 90%, and placement for 72 hours to achieve the final stripping effect.

The composition equation of composite fabric: two kinds of fabric purchased back finished products (see shuttle loom or knitted fabric process) - > compound membrane Factory - > medium term maintenance treatment plant - > later finishing plant - > fabric completion of each batch of fabric to carry out effective maintenance treatment, first carry on the reverse fabric of the compound film (film is a kind) The transparent material similar to the nylon film) is bonded with chemical materials and then used for maintenance treatment. The longer the maintenance treatment is, the more the fastness of the fabric is glued to the adhesive and the degree to which the adhesive is fused. The general domestic adhesive takes three days of maintenance, and the import binder takes five days or longer. The adhesive is fully integrated into the fabric and film, and the length of time will also affect the adhesion of the next fabric to the front fabric. The maintenance and treatment workshop is completely closed. In order to keep a certain temperature and humidity in the room, the adhesive can be naturally fused. If the temperature is increased for quick completion, the operation process of the finished product can be accelerated, but it often happens. In the process of sewing, the fabric yarn is broken by needling and the feeling of hand is changed. Hard and rubbing will be rustling, indicating that the adhesive is solidified on the fabric and stiffened the yarn. To make composite fabrics, you must pay attention to giving enough time to the manufacturers.

After the completion of the reverse side of the maintenance treatment, then the compound of the front fabric, it is also necessary to maintain the treatment. It is worth noting that when the positive and negative fabrics are mixed, we should try to avoid serious slanting and straight wire twisting and so on.

It is important to emphasize that the composite fabric can not be recombined, even if the material is stripped, it will greatly affect the yarn of the fabric, and it will become more and more hard. Because the adhesive is used as a chemical material, there will be a certain physical reaction to the nylon fabric. Therefore, it is recommended that we recommend the customer to use polyester fabric, which can effectively control the color of the composite fabric and the color after the compound, and also have a certain influence on the water pressure resistance and the number of air permeable fingers, and the composite fabric. Often the side road is not neat, so we must request the compound factory to carry on the trimming treatment, so that it is good for cutting.

Production process of composite fabric

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