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Six types of lace and their characteristics

- May 25, 2018 -

The history of lace is very long, it is not only a simple decorative accessories, and has been integrated with the overall design of clothing. Here we introduce the types and characteristics of lace in detail:

1. Torchon lace

Pure cotton lace is widely used in clothing because of its clear and neat pattern, convenient pattern change and no too many restrictions on production volume. Early pure cotton lace is mostly handmade products, such as shuttle lace, croquet lace and so on. Here we refer to the pure cotton woven lace refers to the kind of lace woven by the pure cotton circular knitting machine. In order to have a clear understanding of pure cotton lace, we briefly introduce two kinds of handmade lace.

Shuttle lace is a kind of woven lace with shuttle as tool. Also known as grid lace. Popular in 15th-century Europe, especially in Britain, France and Germany. The weaving process of barracuda lace is: firstly, the ball is put into the shuttle cavity of the barracuda made of ox bone or metal. Then, from the shuttle the holes at the top of the line head, left thumb and index finger tight knead thrum, right hand manipulation of shuttle, through threading, circle knot, buckle lock technique, such as programmable form all sorts of design of lace.

Bobbin lace USES wooden mallets as winding tools and hand-woven lace of cotton and hemp threads. Also known as the winding pipe lace. Croquet lace was originally a traditional European handmade lace. It was developed from the knotting process. The production of croquet lace has the following procedures: the border drawing is placed on the disc shaped straw mat. The metal pins are impaled on various parts of the pattern to fix the position and direction of the knots. Attached cotton thread to the upper end of the hammer, which is about 10cm long and about 10mm in diameter, pull the thread out and fix it to a certain part of the drawing. The number of mallets depends on the specifications and patterns of the product. Holding a small mallet in hand, with a pin as a fulcrum in accordance with the pattern; Twist and twist cotton thread into lace. Different patterns use different weaving techniques. Artists manipulate many mallets with their fingers, making them roll left and right, jump up and down, step by step, constantly changing positions, so as to weave various patterns. The weaving techniques are flat, separate, thin and dense. Remove the pin, remove the lace from the mat, and when pressed, make a single lace. Our country usually says pure cotton lace is a kind of mechanical lace developed on the basis of mallet lace.

The pure cotton knitting machine is also called disc machine, and its main specifications are 64 ingots, 96 ingots and 128 ingots. The mechanism of the disc machine is a walking nail-type knitting machine. It is mainly made of pure cotton.

2. Crocheted lace

We refer to the lace produced by the crochet machine as crochet lace, which is used to weave narrow warp knitted fabrics such as lace bands, tassels, and elastic bands. A drooping tassel made of multicolored feathers or threads, often used in the hem of a dress on a stage.

3. Warp knitting lace

Warp knitting lace is made by warp knitting machine. It is an important category of knitting lace. It adopts 33.3 -- 77.8dtex (30 -- 70 Dan) nylon yarn, polyester yarn and viscose rayon as raw materials, commonly known as warp knitting nylon lace. The production process is that the tongue needle USES the warp thread to form a circle, the guide comb comb controls the flower through the knitting pattern, through the formwork processing to open a strip to become a lace. The bottom tissue is usually made of hexagonal mesh with single frame. After bleaching and shaping, the grey cloth is divided into strips, whose width is generally over 10mm. Can also be color woven into a variety of color - striped color lattice, lace on the non-decorative pattern. This kind of lace is characterized by a thin, thin texture, transparent mesh, soft color, but easy deformation. Mainly used for clothing, hats, tablecloths, etc. The main raw material component of warp knitting lace is polyamide (nylon), according to whether to use spandex elastic fiber has warp knitting elastic lace and warp knitting non-elastic lace. At the same time, after some artificial silk is added into polyamide fiber, the effect of multi-color lace can be obtained through dyeing processing (double dyeing).

Embroidery lace

Embroidery is embroidery. It is in a very long period of history by the world countries gradually crafts, embroidery lace can be divided into two categories, and hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge, is in the hand embroidery machine embroidery lace edge lace varieties developed on the basis of the production.

There are very unique color and pattern patterns in all ethnic groups. Chinese embroidery has a long history and plays an important role in traditional handicraft. Hand embroider edge is our country traditional manual craft, production efficiency is low, embroider grain often produces uneven phenomenon easily, embroider goods also can be mixed. But, to decorative pattern too complex, color is more, the lace that flower returns longer is not manual mo, and the hand embroider edge is richer than machine embroider stereo feeling more. In our country, hand embroidery has a long history, in addition to the four Chinese famous embroidery embroidery, hunan embroidery, shu embroidery, yue embroidery, and Chinese embroidery, lu embroidery, embroidered, floss, qin, li embroidery, shen, excellent skills and ethnic minorities such as embroidery. And we'll talk about embroidery in the next chapter, and we'll talk about embroidery lace.

Machine embroidery lace using automatic embroidery machine embroidery, that is, under the control of jacquard mechanism in the grey cloth to obtain a striated pattern, high production efficiency. All kinds of fabrics can be used as machine embroidered grey cloth, but most of them are made of thin fabric, especially cotton and man-made cotton. There are small machine embroidery and large machine embroidery, and large machine embroidery is the most common. Large machine embroidery lace effective embroidery length of 13.7 meters (15 yards), in the length of 13.5 meters of fabric embroidery, can be made full embroidery or cut into lace. According to different requirements can adopt different embroidered cloth, to produce different kinds of lace, water soluble lace lace, cotton lace, tc lace, mesh cloth and all kinds of gauze of sliver lace, etc. Patterns can be adjusted as needed. 2 bw. Megx machine embroidery is one of the categories of embroidery lace, water soluble lace it with water soluble nonwoven cloth, embroidery thread for viscose filament, through computer embroidery machine rust on the cloth, then through hot water treatment to make water soluble nonwoven cloth melted, stereoscopic lace. It can be made into strips and special shapes according to the usage requirements, which are widely used in the decoration of collar and bra. The embroidery machine is equipped with multi-color automatic color selection and color changing device, which can be used for monochrome machine embroidery or multi-color machine embroidery. Generally spend up to 650 ㎜ back, lace width above 10 ㎜, after off the plane after opening the final processing. The pattern of machine embroidery lace is various, the embroidery is exquisite and beautiful, uniform and uniform, the image is lifelike, abound in artistic feeling and three-dimensional feeling. At present, China's machine-embroidered areas are mainly in shandong, guangdong and xiaoshao regions of zhejiang. Machine embroidery high efficiency, low cost, has been used by most manufacturers. http://www.qclace.com/

After long time of development, more and more kinds of embroidery lace, with special embroidery lace, tc shall dribbling embroidery, lace, striped embroidery lace, water soluble embroidery, printing, embroidery lace, embroidery lace, hollow out, gold and silver coloured embroidery lace, lace, embroidery lace, dye dyeing, embroidery lace, embroidery lace, of edge applique embroidery lace, embroidery lace, beads lace, etc.

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