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The advantages of computer embroidery embroidered fabric: the difference between computer embroidery and hand embroidered embroidery

- Jan 15, 2018 -

The advantages of computer embroidery embroidered fabric: the difference between computer embroidery and hand embroidered embroidery

The advantages of computer embroidery fabric, computer embroidery and hand embroidered difference; computer embroidery is what we often say that the play version, is a version of the designer through playing cards, tape or disc or by the number of processing to prepare pattern, process guidance or stimulation of embroidery and embroidery as required by the design of various kinds of sports. Simply, the designer will want the embroidery design, entered into the computer, adjust the machine, computer embroidery machine will automatically at the end of the cloth before the input pattern of computer embroidery, computer embroidery factory in now, we will use computer embroidery machine embroidery products into production.

The reason why the embroidery machine will choose the computer embroidery machine to work, is because the computer embroidery has brought many benefits to the embroidery industry.

1) computer embroidery has changed the traditional single fabric; elegant traditional fabrics are very monotonous, looks dull and tasteless, and can add a variety of suitable computer embroidery patterns in traditional fabric, fabric with beautiful and practical.

2) the computer embroidery machine can be produced in batch, with large output, high efficiency and fast speed, which can save a lot of time cost for the customers.

3) by the embroidery machine embroidery, embroidery fabric, collar, whether or lace patterns are very uniform, three-dimensional fashion.

4) computer embroidered embroidery fabric decoration, not only can be used as clothing fabric, home textile fabric, but also can be used as decorative fabric, the trial industry is very wide.

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So, where is the difference between computer embroidery and hand embroidery?

1) from the aspect of quality, manual embroidery is more smooth and soft, and no need for embroidered linings. Computer embroidery needs to be embroidered and lined hard, so manual embroidery is suitable for making works of art, while computerized embroidery is suitable for clothing, shoes and caps and handicrafts.

2) the speed of manual embroidery is slow, while computer embroidery is fast, and it can be a few hundred times the speed of hand embroidery.

Through computer embroidery embroidery fabric has gradually become people's ideal consumer textile fabrics, colorful embroidery, embroidery fabric constantly changing collocation, make more and more colorful, and according to the different embroidery fabric, craft accessories to choose the most appropriate, the best embroidery.

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