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The Difference Between Chemical Fiber And Water Soluble Lace

- May 04, 2018 -

Both in the material not much difference, are synthetic materials, making just method not only, water soluble lace and chemical fiber, including chiffon, Lycra etc. are synthetic. Fiber is only cotton, hemp, wool, silk. Lace fabric in the classification, and some cotton will also be mixed with chemical fiber composition, or the effect of printing, tailoring will be very poor. Chemical lace with good or very good, mostly used in the overall fabric or clothes skirt hem, cuff, or a little embellishment, to the whole clothes bright many at the same time, also can increase the temperament. Chemical lace because of very thin, transparent, and soft, lightweight; while the water-soluble lace is a hollow out lace, one of which is popular in the market of high-end fabric, the process of labor, time-consuming, so relative prices will be much higher. Women love it elegant feeling, is a kind of ancient Greek relief like exquisite sense of art. In fact, the water soluble lace are net cloth embroidery lace, and chemical fiber lace is no embroidery this thing. But if both the use of well is also very good, chemical fiber lace also have cotton material, looks like chemical fiber, and fiber much softer, such as French lace, single day lace are demanding containing the amount of cotton. Fiber also has two kinds of yarn, a is polyester filament and milk fibers, polyester silk has a hard, milk fiber relatively soft feel, soft light. From autumn and winter 2012 more popular, finished dyeing effect is very gorgeous.

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