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The operation procedure and operation method of embroidery computer ribbon

- Apr 05, 2018 -

The basic knowledge of computerized embroidery and plate making

1. figure editor and browser:

Figure editor is the main program of computer embroidery making, it can design, edit and modify the flower pattern, and put the designed flower pattern into the embroidered disk, on the desktop, an assistant program of the browser editor on the desktop, the icon on the desktop is dedicated to managing and viewing the designed flower shape, and can be carried out in some simple ways. A single auxiliary operation, such as formatting disks, deleting, copying patterns, converting pattern files to embroidered disks, etc.; pattern browsers can't browse the patterns designed by a series of pattern design programs. Down compatibility; in order to open the browser, you often have to open the pattern editor first; the same low version editor can not open the pattern files of the high edition, the high version editor can open the pattern file of the low edition editor; it is important to note that the pattern file is produced by the EMB format file of the island plate, for the computer such as DST or DSB. The files that can be read by embroidery machine can be opened by various editions.  

2. pattern file format and embroidered disk file format

Normally, no matter what the software is, the pattern it designs is saved in a file format that a computer embroidery machine can't read directly, and then converts into a format that the computer embroidery can read. For example: the DOS version of the island software generated by the format of the flower design file format is *.ESD, the Windows version of the island software pattern file format is *.EMB, the DOS version of the Timor software generated pattern file format is *.ndp and so on; the format of the file computer embroidery machine can not be directly used, it must be converted into *.DST (field Island embroidery). Three hexadecimal format) or *.DSB (Behringer binary format), computer embroidery machine can be read from the memory of embroidery.  

Why the flower design documents and embroidery function generated by the software into plate file is not the same?

This is because the patterns produced by the pattern design files will not be distorted, and when converted into *.DST or *.DSB files, whatever good software is used, there are more or less deformation or aliasing. (this is because the size of the design files in the conversion process must be processed according to the precision of the CNC motor. It is also affected by the anti-interference performance of software and other factors. It can be seen that in the revision, the best way is to use the original design document EMB file to remake, if used.

If DST or DSB file is modified, it will cause the two variant of flower pattern, which is especially important for fine pattern.  

3. embroidered disk and file format

There are two different concepts in embroidered disk format and embroidered disk format. Disk format usually refers to the recording and reading of data on the disk, and the format of the file refers to the encoding and decoding of the data itself. Usually, the disk format used in domestic embroidery machines is an island format. It is compatible with the operating system DOS and Windows used on the home computer, and most domestic computer embroidery machines. The disk is usually 1.44M or 720K, and some imported embroidery.

The format used in flower machine is not compatible with DOS or Windows, such as Behringer, TOYOTA and other embroidery machines.

For Behringer FRD format and TOYOTA format, DOS or Windows can not read and write directly, it must be read and written through special software.

5, 6, until Wilke M Tajima embroidery special software; disk file format has been introduced in the front.  

4. digitized contour line

After selecting any input method and clicking the edge of a certain area with a mouse, the stretch rubber belt contour is formed.

Turn the contour line.


5. objects

In computer embroidery and print software, a stitch is formed by a series of operations and editors.

Usually a flower shape is made up of several units. The object can consist of a unit or a few units.


6. lock stitch, stitch

The lock needle is the lock needle when the object is embroidered, and the stop needle is the lock needle at the end of the object. Both in the actual operation are three successive times in order to prevent the thread from cutting the line. The reader should notice that the stop function and the stop function are not the same thing. The stop function is one of the computer embroidery machine functions. It means the embroidery machine stops, so that the operator does other work, such as the needlework needs to stop the cloth when embroider is embroidered, then the stop function is needed, not the needle code.


7. change colour codes

Color change is change, whether it is DG50 or DG60, are not alone to change the color tag, usually combined with the shear line of code, but can

The color of embroidery thread is displayed directly from the screen, and it can also see whether it is changing color from the status prompt bar in the simulated embroidery.


8. shear line code

The shear line marker, Delta - Delta marker DG50; DG60 marker for Delta, cut the line; the middle section of code over line, called on

Like a connecting line, if the distance between two objects is greater than 6mm, it will be shown as a dotted line and less than 6mm as a solid line.


9. stitch type

DG50 and DG60 provide many kinds of stitches, such as flat pin, he rice needle, zigzag shape, Zhou Xianzhen, E needle and so on.

Some special needles, readers can choose trial from the needle selection column to see its embroidery effect.  

10. object connection line

The line segment from one object to another is usually a dotted line with a needle point, but needless to worry, the needle doesn't drop the needle, and the line will not appear in the simulation view. If the length of the segment is lower than 6mm, the line will be displayed, and the line will appear in the true view.


11. object attributes

A variety of parameter properties of objects, such as stitch type, stitch density, size and location of flower pattern, various special functions.

Options such as automatic slit, shrinkage compensation, short step needle, intelligent corner, user segmentation stitch, and parameter settings. Object genus

Sex is very frequently used in editing. Readers should have a basic understanding of the functions and methods of each project. Special function settings are available

Mouse on the corresponding tool button, right click the mouse, and then in the dialog box, can also be carried out according to the following process: Select button click, select object, object property, pin stitch, effect, click the corresponding label, set function or change

Parameter - Determination - Determination


12. automatic seam

One of the special functions of the object property; it provides the function of the automatic first punch of the computer before the stitch is embroidered. The type of the pin and the distance between the stitches and the length of the stitch can be manually set.


13. short step needle

One of the special functions in the object property;

It is often used in a flat wrap needle with an arc or a sharp turn. The needles are not all concentrated on the contour line according to the density of the needle in the inner circle, so that the inner circle is embroidered for flatness. This can prevent and overcome the broken line, the broken needle or all the fracture of the leather fabric.


14. shrinkage compensation

One of the special functions of object attributes; usually used for horizontal compensation of objects; the positive value of input is transverse widening, and negative value is decreasing.


15. jagged edges

One of the special functions of object attributes; often used for special effects requiring uneven stitches.


16. intelligent corner

There are two kinds, one is the angle of oblique joint, and the other is cap like corner when it is less than 75 degrees, which is greater than 45 degrees. It is used when it is less than 45 degrees.


17. user segmentation stitch

In order to achieve some special artistic effect, the user can customize the insertion point in a piece of the flower, to embroider, skin like Ye Jing

The contour of skin crepe like, this is the user segmentation stitch stitch. The process of making user segmentation stitches can be done according to the prompt line.

The information is done.


18 stitch spacing.

The vertical distance between the two drop points on the contour line is the distance between stitches. Please note here that the distance between the stitches is not two

The vertical distance between strips of embroidery.


19. stitch length

The distance from the last point to the next point is the stitch length.


20. minimum stitch length

In most cases, the actual pin length defined by the user does not necessarily coincide with the needle length defined in the attribute dialog box, so when the final stitch is filled to the last stitch of a certain stitch, most of the needles are not as long as the defined needle length. This time the computer will automatically fill in the remaining length, but sometimes Yu Changtai Short, some even less than the sum of the diameter of the two embroidered lines, embroidery may appear broken lines, so the minimum needle length must be limited, if the last needle is less than the limit, the computer will automatically add a needle.


21. entry point and exit point

The starting point of an object is embroidery and finishing embroidery, that is, the entry point and outlet point of an object. In the state of general editing,

If the connection distance between two objects is larger than 6mm, there will be a shear line mark, then the shear line mark on this connection line.

They are the exit points of the previous object and the entry point of the next object respectively, and the entry point and the exit point under the condition of the shaping object.

There were marked and +, with the mouse can directly drag the two markers can change the entrance and exit point respectively.

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