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The Unique Chiffon Lace

- Apr 29, 2018 -

Chiffon is Georgette is the scientific name of Qiao Qizuo, chiffon ingredients are 100% of the silk (natural fiber type), by its unique appearance, and long-term wear on the human skin is very good, cool breathable, Strong moisture absorption, which is imitation silk chiffon can not reach, is a good silk silk, Chiffon Lace suitable for the production of women's dress, chiffon shirt, senior evening dress, Chiffon Lace scarf, lantern handicrafts and so on. But the existence of the silk chiffon is also some shortcomings, some aspects can not keep up with imitation silk chiffon, such as: wash more easily after the lighter, not exposure (will be yellow), take care of a lot of trouble (need Hand wash), firmness is not good (easy to stretch yarn, suture easy to tear) and so on. Many people think that silk is too delicate, easy to wrinkle, fade, short life and so on. In fact, these are due to washing and maintenance caused by improper. As long as the master of the correct washing and maintenance methods, it can make silk chiffon dress to maintain the bright color and unique soft texture, long experience of silk chiffon to bring you the noble feelings, Chiffon Lace the following we say chiffon dress The daily maintenance Cheats.


1.In the absence of dry cleaning conditions, you can also use the water wash. Chiffon clothing washing need professional knowledge, so please in strict accordance with the requirements of the product washing the washing. Note: 1, stained, please wash as soon as possible, Chiffon Lace hand wash. Remember that you can not use a washing machine to wash.

2.In the case of maintaining the normal water temperature, please use a professional detergent washing.

3.Different colors of silk products to be washed separately, so as not to stain each other. Soaking and rinsing time should not be too long, the general soaking time in about three minutes.

4.The washing process can not be forced rub, brush, Chiffon Lace rub, twist, can not use the washing machine to dry.

5.The choice of detergent: As the chiffon dress is a protein fiber, containing a variety of amino acids, so any alkaline detergent (especially washing powder, soap, etc.) will be silk color, texture and organizational structure damage, thus Loss of silk health care function, shorten its life, Chiffon Lace it should use neutral or weak acid detergent washing (such as silk detergent, shampoo, shower gel, etc.).

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1.In accordance with the detergent instructions that the column, in the water at room temperature by adding the right amount of detergent to stir.

2.Put the clothes into the soak for 3 minutes, gently rub a lot of rub, after lifting in the water gently shake, shake. With water at room temperature rinse 2-3 times, Chiffon Lace the water should be more, rinse the process can not be twisted, rub, should be dragged back and forth in the water, swing, change the water when the hands can gently press the silk fabric, squeeze part of the water.

3.In the focus of dirty places and then drip some detergent, in the negative to take the beat rub, squeeze the method of washing.

4.After rinsing is completed, can not be forced to dry, can not use the washing machine to dry, should be exposed to the external gas after finishing, let the natural drip.

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