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Use of lace fabric

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Lace has a long history of development, as early as in the 16th century in Europe, Court and nobles were very fond of lace dress by fashion lace and household items, the development up to now, lace was not only decorative accessories, and already has one with the costume design, is a necessary element. By laces lace fabric can show women sexy and beautiful side. Lace of development type increasingly more, has lace lace, and lace fabric, embroidery lace, water dissolved lace, stretch lace, computer lace, cotton lace and so on lace lace of producers to everyone summary about said said lace can using to life in the of which aspects:

 1. clothing Shang of decorative including lace clothing, and scarf, and CAP, and shawl, and underwear, and pajamas, apron, and handkerchief, and mobile bags, and wallet, and arrangements will be towel, package package, shoes, wedding, socks,. 2. decorative bedspread, bedding sheet sets, pillowcases, bed nets 4. other interior decorating sofa backs, cushions, curtains, curtain, piano covers, lamp shades, phone covers 3. decorative tablecloth restaurant supplies, meals, bread napkins, pads, placemat, and so on.

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