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What are the most famous shirts of shirts in the world

- May 16, 2018 -

What are the most famous shirts in the world?

[Italy brand] - S.I.C

Founded in 1924, Italy specializes in the production of high-grade shirt fabric brand. Its style is changeable, its color is soft and insipid, its fabric feels soft and comfortable.

[Italy brand] - alba ALBINI

Founded in 1876, it is one of the three big shirt groups in Italy. It is rich in variety and suitable for classic and sports style. All yarn is dyed through multi process technology. The color is bright and bright, and it is not easy to fade. Ensure the quality and color of the product to meet the requirements of the customer. Its cooperative brand: Armani and Zegna.

[British brand] - DJA (DAVID & JOHN ANDERSON)

Founded in 1822 and later incorporated into the Albini group, it is a British royal household fabric. We only choose the best quality Giza 45 super long staple cotton and American soda cotton as raw materials, and use specially processed cotton from England. It is very warm and comfortable, and is not easy to change. It is the outstanding representative of the high-end shirt fabric at present.


[Italy brand] - 1830

Founded in 1830 and incorporated into the Alba group in 2000, it specializes in the production of high-grade shirt fabrics, one of the most famous shirt manufacturers in the century, focusing on more fashionable breakthroughs not only limited to basic products but also its features.

[Austria brand] - Geithner GETZNER

Founded in 1980, it is a famous European shirt manufacturer. It is famous for its green and environmentally-friendly fabrics. It is healthy, with unique patterns, bright colors, and no publicity.

[German brand] - Bennet BRENNET

Founded in 1881 and has a history of 127 years, it is an internationally renowned German manufacturer of high-grade shirting fabrics. Weaving the best quality yarn, adopting the latest and most fashionable spinning and weaving and finishing techniques, and using orthodox technical weaving is the tradition of BRENNET.

[Italy brand] -- Honegger

Founded in 1876, on behalf of the European trend of popularity, there are more than 20 countries worldwide sales agents. The main production of high grade pure cotton dyed shirt fabric. Woven fabric, dyed and finishing finished by itself. The color is gorgeous and fashionable. Cooperative brands: Armani, Zegna, Versace;

[Italy brand] -- Tai silk TESTA

Founded in 1919, is the world's top top shirt fabric brand, with Alumo, Thomas Mason and Albini, professional production of double yarn high-grade shirt fabric, the best to make small jacquard fabric, delicate and exquisite unique. The cooperative brands include Hermes, Hugo, Boss, Etro and Canali.

[Turkey brand] - SOKTAS

Founded in 1973, it is the largest shirt fabric manufacturer in Turkey.  Turkey is the end of the Silk Road, the birthplace of beautiful fabrics, the price of civilians, the enjoyment of aristocrats, and the value of money.  Green and environmentally friendly fabrics are good for health.

[Slovenia brand] - TEKSTINA teksna

TEKSTINA is the largest shirt fabric factory in Central Europe (Slovenia). The design is fashionable and distinctive, and the price is competitive. Apart from the European market, the factory's casual shirt fabric, especially the printing and embroidered fabric, is very popular in the Japanese market.

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