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What is a computer embroidery yarn

- Jan 29, 2018 -

What is a computer embroidery yarn? The computer embroidery thread is a physical method to cut the color PET polyester film into very thin silk.

What is the main material composition of the computer embroidery yarn?


What is a computer embroidery yarn? What is the main ingredient of the computer embroidery thread

Embroidery thread is fine silk twisted with gold, silver, polyester or rayon! It is mainly used for computer embroidery and technology accessories! It is widely used in handicraft, fashion, embroidery, gift packaging and other industries, and knitting wool, yarn, knitted fabric, warp knitted fabric, woven fabric, garment accessories, decorative cloth, sofa cloth and other products. It is an ideal lining material. The processed cloth and clothing made by the processing show elegant, elegant, noble and luxuriant. However, because the embroidery thread is a physical method of vacuum plating on the polyester film or after the vacuum plating, it is made by color processing. So the chemical properties of the gold and silver lines are unstable and can not be used as ordinary textile fibers. The aluminum film in the embroidered line is not resistant to alkali; the silver film is not acid, the silver film is exposed to the sulfide, and the tensile or heavy friction will cause the metal coating to be exfoliated.

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