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What is guipure lace fabric

- Apr 03, 2018 -

  Guipure Lace Fabric is very fancy a hollow out lace on the market, its craft work and time consuming, but it is one of the high-end fabrics is very popular in this year.Women love its elegant feeling, is a feeling of relief of delicate art in ancient Greece.This design and color density is very tight, small flower show relaxed, romantic, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood.Ups and downs of concave and convex three-dimensional texture is water soluble lace differs from the most visible characteristics of chemical fiber lace, restore ancient ways and more atmosphere.

   1.The lace and tulle, appearing in the rich romantic emotional appeal, and heavy and complicated three-dimensional lace texture tangled like fine young woman idea, engraved out of the eternal.That Outlines a glimmer of flower design lifelike, head-tail into beautiful wreath dot skirt.

    2.Grace and spell able, is often used to praise the career women.The independent strength of white-collar women not only work slowly but surely, also managed to order dress.Golden and showily color to blue water soluble lace was not to show off, keep high and not aggressive.

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     3.Unique dyeing process will be printed and lace close 2 for one, has a Mosaic of mystique and rich fun puzzle.Red and green contrast color has the strong visual impact, and achieving equilibrium under the adjustment of color area of contrast and unity.Low waist skirt graceful, lace drape plump buttocks.

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