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What is jacquard brocade fabric

- Jun 11, 2018 -

What is jacquard brocade fabric?

What is jacquard brocade fabric? Recently, brocade, toothpick striped brocade, 1/2 skein tussah, 2/2 oblique ribbon, silk brocade and so on have been popular in the market. The brocade cotton casual and brocade fabric on the market is based on the production of spring and summer leisure clothing, which is a new variety of diversified functions and diversified raw materials developed for the textile enterprises for spring and summer leisure fabrics.

What is jacquard brocade fabric


The most outstanding feature of jacquard brocade brocade fabric is its unique unique flower pattern. The small jacquard weave is weave on air-jet looms. The style of the cloth jacquard is exquisite, and the jacquard is more exquisite. After dyeing and finishing the fabric, the fabric has a fresh and refreshing appearance, the fabric feels waxy and soft, the color and lustre are beautiful, the draping is not wrinkled, the flower pattern has a strong stereoscopic sense, the pattern is beautiful, and it gets the favor of many female consumers, and is suitable for women to make the shirt and suit in spring and summer.

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