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What Is Lace Fabric

- Mar 17, 2018 -

What Is Lace Fabric

Lace fabric is divided into a lace fabric and non-elastic lace fabric, also known as lace fabric. The composition of the lace fabric is spandex 10% nylon 90%. The composition of the non-elastic lace fabric is 100% nylon. Lace fabric due to material texture is thin and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, is widely used in women's personal clothing.

To use can be divided into the following types

1.spring autumn; to nylon, cotton, polyester-based, matched with spandex and so on

2.summer; to nylon-based thin fabric

3.winter clothing; mainly used in accessories

4.underwear; Jin ammonia high elastic fabric-based

5.sexy underwear indispensable selection

The distinction between the process, divided into the following types

1. Jacquard fabric

2. Rascal fabric

3. lace fabric

To the composition to distinguish between the following types

1: non-elastic lace fabric 

2: elastic lace fabric


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