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What is polyester ammonia sweat cloth

- Jun 12, 2018 -

What is polyester ammonia sweat cloth

What kind of fabric is the brocade (polyester) ammonia sweat cloth? Jin (polyester) ammonia Jersey is also a weft knitted fabric. It is now made of ultra-fine fiber, so its fabric feels soft and elastic. But one of its shortcomings is that there is a mark which can not be eliminated from the beginning to the end of the cloth, and the fabric has large shrinkage and unstable size. So relax the cloth for 48 hours before laibuh. For larger products, we need to test the fabric, provide data for retraction, and make appropriate adjustments according to the fabric. In addition, due to the shrinkage of the fabric will cause the reduction of the amount of consumption, in the calculation of single consumption or in the setting of material to increase loss, the need to increase the loss of 3%. It is used for making girl's bra cloth, underwear, harness, pajamas and so on.

What kind of fabric is the brocade (polyester) ammonia sweat cloth


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