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What kind of fabric is Australian hair

- Jun 25, 2018 -

What kind of fabric is Australian hair

What kind of fabric is Australian wool? Is Australian Mao Alba? Is Australian Mao the same as Alba? Australian wool is Australian wool. Australian wool has better hand feel and warmth retention than native wool. Australian wool is the wool of Australia. 70% of Australian Shepherds are pure bred MERINO. Beautiful Nu sheep has become the world's wool skin with its high fiber density and fine wool quality.

What kind of fabric is Australian wool? Is Australian wool the same as alba, Australia wool and Alba?


Is Australian Mao alba

No, Australian wool is the wool of wool, Alba is the hair of alpaca.

Alpaca comes from an animal called "Alpaca" (also called "Alba"), which is mainly grown in the Andes of Peru. The Andes are 4500 meters above sea level, with a great difference in temperature between day and night, -20 to -18 degrees in the night, and 15~18 degrees in the daytime. Alpacas, which live in such a harsh environment, are naturally able to withstand extreme temperature changes. The alpaca hair can not only moisturize, but also effectively resist sunlight. The alpaca hair fiber contains the visible pulp cavity under the microscope, so its heating performance is better than wool, cashmere and horse hairy.

In addition, the alpaca wool fiber has more than 17 natural colors: from white to black, and a series of different shades of brown, gray, is the most natural color of the natural color of the special animal fiber. The "albca" that we see in the market refers to the goats' hairs, and "Suli" is one of the alpaca hair and more of the adult alpaca, with a longer fiber and a beautiful color, and the "Beckham" is often the hairs of the alpaca young, which is relatively thin and softer. Alpaca wool fabric is slippery and warm.

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