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What kind of fabric is Su Li?

- Jun 23, 2018 -

What kind of fabric is Su Li?

What kind of fabric is Su Li? What is the Suu force of the fabric? The "albca" that we see in the market refers to the goats' hairs, and "Suli" is one of the alpaca hair and more of the adult alpaca, with a longer fiber and a beautiful color, and the "Beckham" is often the hairs of the alpaca young, which is relatively thin and softer. Alpaca wool fabric is slippery and warm.


Alpaca (Alpaca), also known as alpaca.

The coarse wool of alpaca wool is mixed, with an average diameter of 22-30 micron m, fine wool about 50mm and coarse hairs as long as 200mm. The alpaca is a camel wool fiber. It is much thinner and softer than Ma Haimao. Its color is white, brown, yellowish brown or black, and its strength and warmth are much higher than wool's.

The main production of alpaca wool and Peru, Argentina and other places, can be used for light summer clothing, coats and sweaters. Alpacas, also known as the llama and the camel sheep, belong to the lactation camel family livestock.


What kind of fabric is Su Li?

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