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What kind of material is lambs wool

- Jun 28, 2018 -

What is the wool of lamb? Is lamb hair true hair? The lambs are sheep's hair, which is different from wool. The lamb's hair is the first cut of sheep.

Lamb's wool is the only material that is next to cashmere in wool and cashmere products. Lamb's name is taken from sheep's first cut (about 7 months old). The lambs are naturally soft, smooth and elastic.

The wool is fine and softer than the ordinary wool, and the yarn spun with this raw material is indeed better than ordinary wool and is better than ordinary wool and has a higher price.

Lamb Wool, also called sheep hair, is a common material in winter clothes. It is very popular because of its warm and fashion sense. The garment coat of lamb hair is the most fashionable element in winter.


How to identify lamb hair

Sensory identification

It is identified by the feeling and suede of the fabric. Intuitively speaking, wool products are relatively soft and elastic, much more important than those with soft colors.

Combustion method

Wool products, when burning, smoke and burn on one side, burning with the bad smell of burning hair, more ash, and glossy black will be crispy. Acrylic products, burning, one side of the combustion, one side of the slow combustion, the flame is white, bright and powerful, a little black smoke, fish smell, ash is white round ball, crisp and fragile. Nylon products melt slowly while burning slowly, with a slight white smoke, a small blue flame, celery flavor, a light brown lump, and it is not easy to crush.

Electrostatic test

The woolen sweater is rubbed on a pure cotton cloth for 5 minutes, quickly taking it open, without a snap as a true woolen sweater. If there is a snap and a static spark, it is a chemical fiber fabric or a shoddy woolen sweater.

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