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What's the fabric of PPSS?

- Jun 19, 2018 -

What's the fabric of PPSS?

What's the fabric for PPSS? Human disasters are always one after another. After 911, the world is becoming more and more unpeaceful, and the most unlikely places in the world are frequent terrorist attacks. In the world, in addition to the need to be more and more "moral", robbed the money and the wounded hijackers, but also have to be careful of all kinds of weapons in the driver's car, perhaps, when you have not been with him, he has begun to highlight the threat you. Anyway! There is no need to worry about guns at the foot of our land. In order to make tomorrow come before accidents, we need to keep the knife.

What's the fabric of PPSS?


British agents should be a familiar job for the people of the world. (you can try asking what your girlfriend, Israeli agents call), so a British hi-tech company has developed a new material to produce a protective clothing coat called PPSS. This coat is made from the cutting fiber material Cut-Tex PRO developed by the PPSS group. They combine the ultra high molecular weight synthetic resin fiber (UHMWPE) and some special (commercial confidential) super polymer materials, which are manufactured with a special high density textile machine.

As for the protective effect, we look at a few data:

EN388:2003 blade cutting resistance level 5 (up to grade).

ISO13997:1999 blade cutting resistance level 5 (up to grade).

ASTM F 1790-05 blade cutting resistance 4 level

EN388:2003 wear resistance level 4 (maximum reachable grade)

EN388:2003 tear resistance class 4 (up to grade)

All the tests used were SOG's knife blade, such as M37 and SEAL2000. So the common fruit knife and the like are drizzling, and Cut-Tex PRO is not able to defend against the knife, and can protect all the sharp objects, such as "broken glass", "broken wine bottle" and so on. Because of the high tearing strength of Cut-Tex PRO, the fabric also has the functions of "bite proof" and "tear proof", which can prevent human teeth from penetrating the user's skin, and can be used to protect the powerful external tear that may be suffered in accidents such as aids people's bites and accidents.

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