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2018 Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition In July

- Jun 28, 2018 -

From July 5th to 7th, the eighteenth China (Shenzhen) international brand clothing and apparel fair is about to bloom in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the largest and most influential clothing professional exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region, the exhibition scale has been a new high, with a total area of about 100000 square meters and the 9 Pavilion. More than 1000 brands of more than 20 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, and the Shenzhen international textile fabric and excipient exposition is also held in the same period, as well as the more than 30 walks, forums, fashion parties and so on. It is expected to be more than one hundred thousand people at home and abroad.

It is reported that as an important promoter of the fashion industry, China (Shenzhen) international fashion apparel trade fair has been actively changing and innovating, and has also welcomed the change of the times. The official abbreviation is changed from the original "Shenzhen trade fair" to the "fashion Shenzhen Exhibition".

Bring more innovation and upgrade

The brand new fashion Shenzhen exhibition focuses on brand orientation, original quality, commercial landing and trend leading, focusing on the new changes and new trends of industry, technology, design and life consumption upgrading. It will guide the innovation and development of the industry with the "original + quality" dual drive strategy.

2018 the overall layout, form and function of the fashion Shenzhen exhibition have been comprehensively innovating and readjustment. The ten major theme areas, such as "the beauty of the beauty, the original designer, the window of the decoration industry, the selection of the extreme, the supporting of the industry", gather from the outstanding more than 1000 exhibitors in the fashion industry chain to create a diversified linkage development from creative design, manufacturing to consumption terminal and brand molding: MJU:T, song, and grace, Langdei, Hearst, carwor, tonytony's, stair, cardidaer, Karosi, rangshang son, meet the day, the Miao children, VIGA, CHIHIRO BY S.K, lotus HEMU, THE DAVIDA, DIA, COMPLEMENTAIR, Ou Wanli, LAI, six, Mu Tianzi, thick, such as the most representative fashion brands.

Promote "independent original and commercial landing"

This continues to integrate high quality resources to create an independent original designer exhibition area, with more than 600 independent designers and market potential international designer brands, with a further increase of 80%.

The "butterfly news fashion eco Pavilion" has been jointly unveiled by more than 150 original gold seed designers in the world, with a super 7000 square meter Pavilion, which integrates the original design area, the new retail buyer docking area, the overseas exhibitor and accessories area, the ODM supply chain alliance area, the butterfly news open class, the fashion matching area and so on, through the intelligent interconnection. The ecological chain of the global fashion industry realizes the designer's quick response to the demand of the consumer market.

In addition to the exhibition, the splendid show and the supporting activities also unveil the mysterious veil. This fashion Shenzhen exhibition 5 Pavilion is the first to adopt the top stage image technology of the international fashion week, to launch a new 360 degree circular LED stage with a great sense of science and technology and visual impact, to create an immersive show experience with a very style of art. Panoramic view of the unique scenes brought by different brands. 5 - 7 days, three days, 360 degrees around the show will be around the world show CHLOSIO Clic, YLHS rob, ZMCS Zhi Mu Chun, DODECAHEDRON twelve face, Yuanshanger edge Shang son, WJS Jane still, Longteng elite Supermodel Contest, and other twelve big show will be heated.

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