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2018 Home Textile Market In The First Half Of The Year

- Jul 13, 2018 -

This year, it is a turning year for the textile industry. The textile industry has a profound impact on the textile industry. In this context, what is the price of textile fabrics in the first half of this year? What is the main concern of the customer during the purchase? What's the new trend for home textile fabrics in the last two years? What are the main factors affecting the production and sale of home textiles?

The number of home textile fabrics increased, and foreign trade became more and more difficult.

In the first half of this year, because of the regulation of water looms, the textile industry in Shengze entered a crazy market that "everything sells well, everything is out of stock". As an important branch of the fabric industry, how does the home textile fabric perform in the first half? The following view of the home textile enterprises in Shengze area.

Wujiang Tianli spray factory mainly produces shading cloth (curtain cloth), their Zhang Junzhe manager said that the off-season this year came earlier than the previous year, but the overall sales trend is on the rise. Their products are mainly exported to Shaoxing, Fujian, Italy and so on. The share of domestic sales has been increasing in the past two years.

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Wujiang second time home textile finishing Co., Ltd. is mainly transfer printing of chemical fiber fabrics, mostly exported to Europe and the United States. Their Zhong Ting manager said that their sales volume has gradually decreased since the second half of last year, and the transfer of orders is obvious. Among them, the exchange rate and order delivery time have become an important factor affecting sales volume. In addition to the above problems, Chung Ting manager also said that in the last two years, the return cycle of foreign trade has also been growing, and the production and operation of their enterprises have also had a lot of adverse effects.

Wujiang Xingda spray weaving factory mainly produces curtain cloth, Luo Weifeng manager said that in the first half of the year sales and before the same, in recent years have not increased the trend, more stable. But from the regional point of view, the sales volume to Keqiao area has been increasing since last year.

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In general, in the first half of the half of the Shengze textile fabric market can be described in a steady rise to describe, the loom regulation wind did not greatly affect the home textile fabric. From the development trend of the sales location, the development speed of domestic trade is obviously higher than that of foreign trade, and the business of foreign trade is becoming more and more difficult. It is foreseeable that the proportion of domestic trade in home textile industry will continue to rise in the future.

Price ratio is still the focus of customer focus

The consumption level of household textile products in our country has basically realized the transition from "nothing to nothing", and is experiencing a variety, difference and high quality consumption transformation from the previous single, low quality consumption. But now, in the traditional home textile industry, the cost performance is still the most concerned problem for customers.

Suzhou Yu Du Textile Co., Ltd. mainly produces corduroy, the manager of their king said that the price ratio is the most important factor in the process of customer selection of home textile fabrics, such as their conventional home textile products still need a certain price advantage to be accepted by customers.

In addition, hand, flower, comfort and other conventional standards are also the focus of customer selection of home textiles.

In the first half of this year, the jacquard curtain fabric made of jets was sold better, characterized by beautiful colors and comfortable hands, said Luo manager of the Xingda textile weaving factory in Wujiang. Peach skin fabric is also popular in the market, characterized by soft handle and good drapability. It can be said that in the eyes of customers, the basic performance and cost-effective are still the most important factors.

Functional home textile fabrics

In the process of research, I found that in the past two years, customers have begun to make some requirements for the functionality of home textile fabrics, and some domestic textile enterprises will also consciously develop new home textile fabrics. Among them, because the safety factor is getting more and more attention, flame retardant fabric has become a fast growing point in home textiles.

Wujiang Tianli spray textile factory of Zhang Junzhe said, now customers in the selection of curtains, in addition to the flower type and cost performance, but also more and more attention to functional, their flame retarded curtains at present demand is increasing. In the near future, they are also developing a series of flame retardant fabrics.

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Wujiang Ji Sheng Textile Co., Ltd. mainly produces jacquard, imitation linen, satin and other special wide textile fabrics, their Shen Jianhua manager told reporters that at present, the customers in their side selection mainly focus on the function and beauty of home textile fabrics. At present, the company uses 3 of the production capacity to develop new products, 7 per cent of production capacity as a regular order, and the orders are mostly "small batch and customized", and the investment of new products is great. Now they are focusing on developing various kinds of functional fabrics, such as UV, flame retardant and bacteria control, and their response in the market is pretty good. He believes that only new products can remain unbeaten in the market.


Environmental protection and high pressure household textile enterprises meet the "stumbling block"

In recent years, environmental protection has been raging in full swing. Influenced by environmental protection, the capacity of printing and dyeing industry has been greatly restricted. In the first half of this year, there was a "burst warehouse" in dyeing factories, and the home textile fabric industry was also deeply affected.

Suzhou Da Yin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. produces a wide range of textile fabrics, such as light and color, and other products, their Jin Jianrong manager said that this year, because of the strict environmental inspection, textile and printing and dyeing manufacturers are limited to production, stop production, and lead to no time to follow.  Customers have been urging, sometimes can only drag.

Suzhou Euro Decker Textile Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces TC anti - feather cloth, double - layer yarn, water washed cotton and their poplar.

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