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2018 New York Fashion Week -Rachel Zoe2018 Spring Summer RTW Fashion Show

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Rachel Zoe September 6, 2017, New York by ALEXIS BRUNSWICK city charm is a rich source of inspiration -- this is the tradition of Rachel Zoe from the past as a celebrity styling designer. 

In the 2018 spring and summer series, she put her eyes on a slightly eastward place. The second time she came to Losangeles to do the show, this is her home landing city this season, inspired by California City Palm Springs in 60s for the Bohemia style, the designer profile known was injected into a more casual atmosphere, provided they deserve to wear Zoe temperament women. The whole body palm Ye Liang print is a new element appearing in her red carpet works, followed by a relatively low-key sunset color which is consistent with the whole series of keynote. 

The previous series boldly exudes sexy charm, and the spring and summer series brings a soft, refreshing and exquisite production. Compared to the retro style square skirt, feel good Scotland embroidery and oblique elegant ruching is more amazing. The highlight of the work is Zoe's salute to a smoked suit made for the desert environment. She has designed two versions of long and short. The three piece of striped suit is more casual and more suitable for the desert environment than her previous works. For this designer who knows more about evening dress, this set of works is a pleasant novelty. The most exciting news of this time is that Zoe is involved in wedding dress design, and her wedding dress will undoubtedly be a brand gain. (these works can also be bought in the spring of 2018.) 

The wedding capsule series and summer series released at the same time, the iconic Zoe design elements to the contemporary bride: tailoring exquisite halter dress, such as building a beautifully constructed ruching bright and dazzling sequined suit, pearl ornaments, all of them with the same color of white and beige, as she said, this is her celebrity clients to design the most commonly used to color. Zoe pursuit of chic, but for those who always melancholy and Moody's bride, she also seriously, with gentle design subtle details, such as Organza FABRIC handmade flower applique, and chiffon light wrinkle. The first show of the wedding dress shows the strength of the designer, which is more powerful than her previous series.





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