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China Light Textile City: Autumn Variety Of Elastic Fabric And Movable Pin

- Jun 30, 2018 -

In recent years, China's textile and textile market has increased the number of varieties listed on elastic fabrics in autumn, and the turnover has been increased locally in recent days.

In the near future, many varieties of elastic fabrics listed in autumn clothing have increased to attract customers to subscribe to the market. The spandex polyester filament yarn elastic fabric and the spandex pure cotton cowboy elastic fabric, polyester cotton elastic imitation cowboy fabric have a lot of interaction, and the locality has been done all the time.

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In the past few days, the partial properties of the spandex elastic foam in the medium and small mass dispersivity have the order, even the spot is subscribed to one time in batch; the elastic interwoven fabric dyeing order and the designated printing order interact; the elastic double decker crepe and the elastic jacquard have always been favored by the garment purchasers, part of which are used as home. Spinning fabrics and decorative curtain cloth are used partially.

In the near future, there is a local increase in the listing of elastic fabric in the fall, and a significant increase in the spot listing. In order to avoid the business risk of the same kind of products, the customers are listed on the market in autumn, and the composition of fabric raw materials and the style of weaving are dissimilated. Some of the enterprise, the former store type of entity company and the package volume sales and sales large households occupy the market advantage. These operators have a certain product R & D strength, the new style fabric has a faster market cycle, so it has more customers with the opposite mouth.

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In the past few days, the 150D (DTY+FDY) composite silk with 40D spandex four sides, 200DDTY 40D spandex four side projectiles, 100DDTY+100D (DTY+FDY) composite silk with 40D spandex four sides, 100DDTY+100DDTY holding 40D spandex four side projectiles, and other conventional polyester and ammonia elastic fabric, most of the market every market. 150DDTY holding cationic silk with special silk with special silk and 40D spandex longitude and weft line has both fashionable autumn four side elastic linen and popular customers. The mass spot price has a steady fall, the price of the new style of the local new style is basically stable.

In the near future, the elastic Oxford textile, elastic youth spinning in the fall casual shirt fabric, the small batch of many batches of orders are increasing, some of the stock markets are mainly sold in many varieties.

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In the past few days, the elastic reflective fabric has been welcomed by the merchants, PVC reflective elastic leather, reflective elastic chemical fiber cloth, reflective elastic T/C cloth, reflective elastic film, reflective PVC elastic crystal cloth, reflective elastic force sky star, reflective elastic edge cloth, reflective elastic ribbon, reflective elastic trademark and so on in the light textile city farm. The break is increased. Because this series of fabrics have good anti reflective light performance, especially in the evening, it can play the same visibility in the daytime. It can play a safe role and have good decorative effect. Since the market, it has been popular with the customers.


The recent market, with the fashion of autumn elastic fabric with the cationic four sides of the four sides of the ingredients and weaving style refurbished to win, with the 150D cationic DTY holding 108D triangular light profiled silk with 40D spandex four side elastic linen and 32S cotton yarn with 200D cationic FDY filament four sides, 200D cation DTY embrace 40D spandex four side projectile and 100D DTY low elastic black silk with 100D triangular light and heteromorphic FDY network wire four sides, compared with the same fabric gloss slightly better fabric to launch, quite popular with the customers.

In the near future, the fall of elastic fabric local transaction has been quite smooth, in order to produce a variety of tonal fabrics mainly in autumn and men's trousers to attract the locality of the customers of the garment production enterprises to order more varieties. After a part of the Textile City, the elastic fabric of the factory type cloth company has been listed on the list of different and individualized fabrics to attract the customers to subscribe, and the marketing of the elastic fabric in the autumn is partly smooth.

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