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China Light Textile City: Curtain Fabrics Appear To Show Shock And Push Up Pattern

- May 16, 2018 -

In recent years, China Textile City home textile market curtain fabric market curtain fabric continued to rise and rise pattern, the mass spot price of spot prices partly stable in the soft, but the price locality is still basically stable, part of the high quality new type of flower type small batch order price still has a small boost, some of the listed varieties of flower type are compared. For the purpose of enriching and marketing the more professional and business operators or textile companies, the added value of fabrics is still improving.

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Cashmere curtain layout department is best selling, ice floral, plush, brush floral cashmere, crepe velvet, floral cashmere, embossing cashmere, hot gold cashmere, printed velvet curtain fabric, mainly 150CM - 280CM products, Jiangsu Changshu and other places of economic warp knitting enterprises open door market relatively more, mainly manufacturer direct sales, local transaction is rather active.

The Dacron jacquard curtain layout department sells well when the 150CM - 280CM fabric is shipped locally. The Zhejiang Zhuji production enterprise opens the door market relatively more, with polyester FDY bright silk, FDY half light silk and FDY free silk flower jacquard fabric on the market relatively more, bleaching, pink, purple, apricot color, rice yellow, bright yellow, red and purple. The layout department of red and light pink floral floral jacquard curtain layout is relatively large, with peony, rose, chrysanthemum, Narcissus, daffodil, and wild mountain, partial shipment is relatively large, even a full vehicle shipments, bleach color jacquard fabric after positioning flower printing processing, transaction is quite active, part of FDY bright silk, FDY semi light silk, FDY The matte Printing Department of the matte printing department has a relatively large volume of goods on the market.

Polyester FDY, DTY, POY woven flower positioning printing curtain cloth door size 280CM fabric local delivery volume is relatively large, Jiangsu Nantong occasionally vehicle shipment. Polyester bright FDY jetting twill straight bar curtain cloth, electric embossing curtain, 150CM - 280CM fabric with golden, pink, red, red color fabric in a local batch delivery.

The recent market, the Textile City textile market textile market curtain cloth operation area, the spot listing quantity is less, some large-scale management door market and the front shop after the entity cloth industry company, the spot transaction and the order sending still presents the local active trend, but because the foreign trade order is partly apparent insufficient, some small and medium business households lack the transaction. Domestic demand is dominated by small batch, and the overall market turnover shows a shock pattern. In the traditional market, some households in the traditional market continue to deal with the pair of varieties, but most of the households are confined to small batch and multi variety. Although the curtain Market of traditional curtain market is still more recent, the pattern of supply exceeds demand.

At present, the volume of curtain fabric in the Textile City home textile market is still in the forefront of various major varieties of the market, with long fiber 150DFDY 300DFDY, DTY, POY, FDY large light triangle special-shaped silk and long fiber five satin and short fiber artificial cotton, cotton polyester interlaced printing, embroidery, jacquard, jacquard flower type curtain cloth style refurbishment flower type still relatively more The whole 280CM product is still relatively popular with the customers of the opposite port. The style refurbishment and creative flower type fabric still occupy the market advantage. The new style color bottom positioning printing, cartoon printing, color bottom positioning embroidery, color bottom jacquard printing and color bottom printing embroidery fabric are still relatively popular. The local orders are still running smoothly in some large scale cloth shops, which are large scale shops and shops.

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