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China Light Textile City: Local Bulk Sales Of Creative Woolen Fabrics

- Jun 19, 2018 -

China Light Textile City: local bulk sales of creative woolen fabrics

In recent years, Chinese textile city traditional market part of woolen woolen fabric local batch movable sales, woolen woolen, semi worsted woolen, worsted woolen and worsted fabrics have increased, but some small and medium-sized businesses are still relatively limited in stock market volume, and the overall market turnover is litting. Market marketing partial differentiation, part of the former shop after factory type cloth industry and large-scale operation of the old and new varieties of new and old trading, the volume of volume is still large and large, creative woolen fabric market advantages highlighted, but small and medium-sized business owners are insufficient. The local bulk sales of creative woolen fabric with a small amount of wool with polyester as the main raw material, with viscose 65%, 35% wool, viscose 80%, wool 20%% and polyester 80%, hair 20%, polyester 90% and wool 10%, are still smooth.

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In recent years, the local marketing of woolen fabric local marketing, wool polyester fabric, wool sticky fabric local marketing increase, dyeing fabric sales increase, wool polyester double, wool polyester flanges, black, purple red, Jiang Huang, deep yellow, coffee, green bean green, grass green fabric local small batch delivery. Wool, polyester, cashmere, herringbone, ingle and White Velvet are shipped locally.

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10% to 20% Jiamei local batch moving pin, double side, the wind, double sided CIS woolen, OPO, Han Xin, Mao and Han Shuang, Jin long, linen, sesame, sesame, sesame, Shenzhou, sheep and cashmere Department of the city, the distribution industry company and the large-scale management market. Small increase, even in the delivery. Wool, polyester, double color circle, velvet flower, black and purple fabrics are shipped in bulk.

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In the near future, there are still more varieties of woolen woolen fabrics listed in woven fabric and dyed woolen fabric. Semi worsted woolen and worsted woolen locality is also listed on the listing, and the locality of dyed and printed woolen fabrics is still closed. The bulk of woolen goods from all parts of the country are stocked in bulk, and some fashionable counterpart fabrics are in small quantities. Collocation deals mainly, but some small business sales are still obviously low, the traditional market woolen woolen fabric, semi worsted woolen, worsted woolen trade batch and batch is insufficient, creative fabric prices are stable.

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The listed varieties of yarn dyed woolen wool fabric have increased, but the stock market is still relatively limited. Business turnover is still low, color woven woolen woolen woolen woolen and small business households are insufficient, the price is basically stable, and the part of creative fabric is partly pushed up.

Knitted weft knitting and warp knitting polyester long fiber hair, plush and short fiber drawing, and plush fabric in autumn and winter have increased locally, but the trend of sales differentiation is obvious. However, some small and medium business households still have a shortage of daily transactions, and the sales of the popular flower type fabric show insufficient. The part of the woolen woolen fabric, yarn dyed woolen woolen fabric, yarn dyed woolen fabric, long fiber plush, short fiber plush business is still plain, the price is basically stable and the creative fabric is partly small. Yang.


In recent years, the market trend of woolen woolen fabric, semi worsted woolen fabric and worsted woolen fabric as a whole has been dominated by a concussion pattern. The local marketing of the post factory cloth industry and the scale operation market is relatively smooth.

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