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China Textile City: Jacquard Fabric Local Dynamic Sales Increase

- Jul 11, 2018 -

In recent years, the subscribers of the China Textile City farm to the north and South merchants still lack the subscribers, the summer fabric spot transaction continues to decline, the autumn clothing fabric local order increases, and the fall women's jacquard fabric is more and more popular. In the multi class polyester, pure cotton, polyester cotton jacquard fabric, the autumn jacquard fabric dynamic sales varieties increase, the local spot transaction and the lower order relatively more, the daily turnover in the shock shows the local push trend.

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In the past few days, the part of the jacquard fabric used to make the fall men's and women's casual shirts is also relatively active. The local listing of gold and silver silk jacquard cloth, gold and silver silk yarn dyed jacquard fabric and other varieties, the local transaction is more active; the gold and silver jacquard kind of pure cotton after processing more novel varieties, a couple of clothing factory buyers favor, the local order is still relatively active.

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In the near future, autumn jacquard fabrics are interacted with Dacron FDY, light FDY, half light FDY jacquard, jacquard, double color jacquard, polychromatic jacquard and jacquard. In autumn clothing type cation jacquard cloth, FDY bright silk cloth, FDY semifinished jacquard and other local transactions also have incremental, part of the large-scale operation of the market is still small and medium batch. Polyester fiber - free FDY, light FDY, semi - light FDY jacquard fabric with black bleach small square, Rosa bleached small square, rice bleached small squares and other parts of the medium and small batch delivery. Local listing of dyed DTY low - elastic wire and FDY filament jacquard cloth, the Middle East, ASEAN, Africa, Latin America and India foreign bulk orders, the supply of goods is relatively tight. The jacquard cloth of jacquard cloth with 63DFDY 75DDTY is mainly made up of small batch and multiple varieties.


For the production of women's autumn dress polyester 50D - 100D and pure cotton 30S - 60S fabric made of jacquard fabric part of the purchase of a number of parts involved, a concussion trend of a series of transactions. The marketing of the jacquard brocade fabric is partly smooth, and the fabric of the cotton padded jacket and satin silk fabric made by the viscose filament and the cationic silk fabric has been sold locally. The fabric of the gown with cationic viscose filament or seven colored silk jacquard on the cationic fabric is smooth, and the jacquard Shuanglong satin, the seven color jacquard satin and the plum bamboo jacquard are used. Soft satin, jacquard silk and other kinds of fabrics have been selected by large and medium city clothing purchasers all over the country. The satin fabric with FDY bright silk jacquard looms is also localized in a variety of flower types.

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