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China Textile City: Spring And Summer Polyester Fabric Marketing Smooth

- May 07, 2018 -

Recently, China Textile City farm has a new growth in the customer's list, and there is an increase in the spot listing of various large types of fabrics. Delivery has become the main driving force for the rise of market sales. In the past few days, the local sales of the light textile city field sprayed fabric, the thin polyester long fiber fabric and the polyester silk fabric are smooth and smooth. The market transaction has been gradually shaking and pushing up the trend. The series of fabrics dyed and printed in the locality of the variety, the fabric is superior to the quality, and the daily shipments have increased.

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The recent market, with polyester filament 50DFDY x 50DFDY, 50DFDY x 75DFDY, 75DFDY x 75DFDY, 75DFDY x 100DFDY, 100DFDY x 100DFDY, 100DFDY x 150DFDY type chiffon, printing Chiffon crepe, printed oli yarn and other spray fabrics are interacted with various varieties of flowers, the style is refurbished and the creative flower type fabric marketing is quite smooth.

In the past few days, the main raw materials of polyester FDY filament are thin color chiffon, dyed coloured and colored yarn, colourful and beautiful yarn and part of printed fabric, jacquard fabric and embroidered fabric. Part of the market is relatively more on the market. Xinjiang merchants in the Middle East, foreign businessmen from Pakistan and foreign businessmen from Africa are on the spot. The volume of transactions is relatively large, packaging and trading volume and quantity of both, the color and color fabrics are still packaged in large quantities.

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All kinds of polyester filament FDY, filament and semi glossy filament are the main raw materials, and the overall market turnover of thin fabrics in summer continues to increase. The shears of 75D - 100DFDY big light triangle special-shaped silk, printing and imitation silk have light color, light weft coloring, light twisting, bright flower, bright flower, light satin, pearlite, light crepe, soft crepe, imitation silk flower, imitation silk floral and other fabrics dyeing and printing and embossing Variety interaction, colour and lustre type fabric to subscribe to customer orders in medium and batch, dyeing fabric to occupy the majority of transaction share, part of the new type of flower type price increases slightly. Some half light FDY types of snowflake, snowflake crepe, snow satin and nanoscale crepe, crepe and light color dragon, flashing crepe, etc. The daily growth of merchants in the city of light textile city has increased day by day, and there has been an increase in the variety of the listed varieties.

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