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Chinese Woman Accused Of Illegally Exporting Knitted Fabrics To The Korean Japanese Court Acquitted

- Jun 01, 2018 -

Chinese woman accused of illegally exporting knitted fabrics to the Korean Japanese court acquitted

Japanese media reported that a former Chinese female employee of a trading company in Osaka City, Japan, and the company's alleged illegal export of knitted fabrics to North Korea were charged with violating Japan’s “Foreign Exchange, Foreign Trade Law” and “Tariff Act” cases. Osaka, Japan The District Court ruled on May 29 that the two were not guilty, on the grounds that "it cannot be said that it is aware that North Korea is the final destination of the fabric."


According to a report by the Japanese Kyodo News Agency on May 29, the prosecutor demanded that the woman be sentenced to 1 year and 6 months imprisonment and sentenced the company to a fine of 1 million yen (approximately RMB 60,000).

The prosecution stated in the sales contract that the port of North Korea was named, claiming that it was clearly aware that the final unloading site was North Korea. However, the presiding judge Shyu-kao Too refused in the judgment grounds and said: "Only the port name 'Nanpu' was recorded in the contract and no country name was written. The prosecutor's inference process is quite unreasonable."

The Chinese woman expressed that she thought that the export destination was northeastern China. He did not know that Nampo was a North Korean port and he claimed that he was not guilty.

The woman was arrested in 2011 for exporting knitted fabrics to North Korea via Dalian, China (the export declaration price was approximately 1.75 million yen), and was sued in violation of the Japanese "Foreign Exchange Act" and other crimes.

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