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Common Embroidery Technology

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Common embroidery technology

1.flat embroidery embroidery is the most widely used in embroidery embroidery, embroidery can be as long as material can be flat embroidery embroidery.

2.embroidered applique and embroidery thread is saved makes pattern more vivid by sticking cloth instead of stitching, embroidery machine can produce ordinary.

3.hole hole in Xiuke carving carving embroidery embroidery machines on a normal production, is the use of a knife carved carving hole cloth to wear, and then use the embroidery thread edge and formed in the middle hole.

4.embroidered beads shape of the same size beads series into a rope like material, and has added in the flat embroidery machine embroidery embroidery beads on the device.

5.garment embroidery clothing production distribution boxes to be synthesized in the cylindrical machine, is to do the finished clothes after get a kind of embroidery machine embroidery.

6.towel embroidered on the clothing is a very popular embroidery method, the effect is like a piece of towel cloth, soft touch, and the variety of color changes.

7.laser cutting and embroidery laser cutting embroidery is the integration of embroidery and laser technology, laser cutting is divided into surface cutting, half cutting and complete cutting.

8.toothbrush embroidery line or embroidery, in ordinary embroidery machine production, and three-dimensional embroidery embroidery method.

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