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Computer Embroidery Process

- Feb 13, 2018 -

The computer embroidery process and computerized embroidery are widely applied in the tailored work clothes industry. Almost all enterprises can customize their work clothes, so they must add enterprise logo, logo or text, so computer embroidery is the best choice.

Computer embroidery process


Computer embroidery in the work clothing customization industry is also called "logo embroidery", more intuitive and clearer! The embroidery is processed in the fabric, with needle puncture, in accordance with the design requirements, by manipulating a craft embroidery thread into various patterns and colors. In the custom-made work clothes, embroidery is divided into "piece embroidery" and "garment embroidery". What is "embroidery", as the name suggests, is cut into pieces of fabrics, embroidered logo will need a piece of embroidery machine embroidery get, "embroidery" is the clothes have been finished, and then placed in the embroidery machine embroidery, "embroidery" limitations, such as the purchase of clothes are not suitable for "", "embroidery embroidery" no "embroidery" is more accurate! So here, you have to remind the customers of the custom-made work clothes to ask for "piece embroidery".

Computer embroidery is called "tall upper" in embroidery technology, but there are many requirements for logo. For example, your logo can not be too complicated, and the color can not be too rich, and can not have gradation. Embroidery technology requirements are: smooth, neat, flat, uniform, clean. Shun is a line straight, round curve; Qi is a pointer stitch neatly, without edge stagger phenomenon; flat refers to gestures accurately, embroidery clothes, silk thread is not skew; uniform pointer distance, non disclosure, non overlapping; clean refers to the embroidery surface smooth, no ink stains. We use advanced imported embroidery machines to ensure the quality of logo embroidery for each customer.


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