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Embroidery Process Flow

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Embroidery process flow

Embroidery process, many fabric buyers are buying the embroidery fabrics that you need, so do you know the embroidery process of computerized embroidery factory?

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Embroidery process flow process in detail:

1. embroidery factory, including drawings, embroidery, disk, input to the embroidery machine, embroidery embroidery, finish the process of localization.

2.Personnel, can be divided into the production department, mainly to complete the task of the Department in charge of embroidery, embroidery, embroidery machine operator, followed by the subsequent processing of embroidery pieces, such as tear paper, repair lint, embroidery, embroidery accessories package if warehouse management, including line, paper, glue etc.. Machine repair personnel, normal use of equipment, daily maintenance and maintenance.

3. when buying products, we must look at the fine degree of embroidery fabric or other embroidery. Most of the parts of the domestic embroidery machine are made of domestic parts. Due to their limitations, the assembly process, accuracy and wear resistance of the embroidery machine will be affected in many ways.


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