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Fashion Colors:Warm Color

- May 17, 2018 -

Would you like to walk in the forefront of fashion? Let us realize these 10 colors : 6 warm colors and 4 cool colors

Warm Color

1.    Pinkish Purple

Elegant purple has been the love for many women, although there is less mysterious reddish purple orchids, it shows a little more romantic and girl's mind, even more makes women can not resist, There is no doubt that it will become popular quickly in 2017 Spring and Summer.

2.    Shallow Cream

It is light yellow color, which close to cream. It feels like the afternoon sunshine, gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, fresh.

3.    Pinkish Orange

It joins pink tone in vibrant bright orange, though it is not dazzling glare, it adds some soft feel, it is still compelling fully. It not only suitable for wearing in spring and summer, but also can add warmth and vitality  in autumn and winter season.

4.    Rose Pink

Each girl has a dream of pink, which also makes pink is always popular. Compared to popular crystal pink in 2016, rose pink seems to be more tender and beautiful. But a too-pink single product will be easy to make clothing with sense of cheap. So it is recommend to try to choose the more advanced texture of single product, it is recommended to matched with simple and elegant gray, white color.

5.    Copper Orange

Copper orange is with temperament fully, it is actually very classic wardrobe essential color four seasons, which is very most suitable for mature ladies.

6.    Maroon

Maroon is a common color of red-brown, it is less of red publicity, but it is a little more restrained, which makes it more suitable for everyday dress. 

Cool Color

1.    Light cyan

There is no doubt that the elegant light cyan will be a favorite of girls. 

But for Asians, it is easier to looks like cheap items. So when a single product of this color, it is better to choose a crisp texture, simple style. The effect will definitely be much better.

2.    Light violet blue

The light violet blue is a member of big blue family. It is fresh and most easy matching, which is  a great fashion color for everyone.

3.    Olive green

The olive green is low-key and reserved, seemingly retro and intellectual, but in reality it is most easy matching. This color also makes you more mature temperament, dignified and charming.

4.    Peacock green

If you do not like too restrained dull olive green, peacock green will be relatively brisk in new year's hot color. It is  retro charm at the same time, but with a little more abundant and bright of the spring.

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